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Frage von BestBoy:


am video film on the entry and search for a good camcorder for the usual application areas: children, family parties, holidays.

Schonmal have an eye on the Panasonic HDC-SD99 and the SONY HDR-CX160 thrown because both have an external microphone port, good Wide Angle possession and 1080p is certainly good for a future high-definition television.

Important for a camcorder I have good picture quality (obviously), good sound (the first "father" of the kids is supposed to be easy to understand) and for easy installation.

I would be grateful for comparative assessments, pre-and cons, etc. to the two camcorders.

Very important: Is there possibly somewhere between the two test films camcorder, which can be compared directly?

Otherwise, I am synonymous with alternative proposals on these two camcorders that might just as well for my application is for (so), but some are less expensive to buy.

Thank you for your message!


Antwort von Jan:


rarely two models of competitors were so similar.

Panasonic last year has been even more the optical stabilizer, but now has the Sony synonymous. The Battery of Sonyist a bit stronger, how much the camera needs now with the new optical image stabilization, to be seen.

Can Sony have recently been charged with a USB cable, only it takes much longer than the power supply.

Panasonic has better manual as usual, the diversity (eg shutter etc) and the 3 D Sonykontert possibility, as with a remote control option via the AV jack.

Image of her one can only speculate, according to the test once, Sony, Panasonic another time lie ahead. This was the 115th synonymous with the old SD 66 and the CX

There are many more concise test it.

The built Sonyim contrast to the CX 115 has no Zeiss Lens, has called synonymous nothing. Sonyhat so with the CX 305 shown what can make the G Lens.
Moreover, this Zeiss lens in the old CX 115 eh not much to do with Oberkochen - Far East production!

Panasonic is known sharpens slightly, Sony holds back somewhat.

The overall results are both located on a very similar level, then decide just little things and very important for the ergonomics.

The new sony menu is playful little, but some users could like. Which Camera in which hand is better, users have to decide themselves.

This brings you had a low, but a fair honest assessment. Depending on the Panasonic or Sony fanboy, it is likely to be something different.



Antwort von Jan:


The SD 90 is 100% identical to the 99th SD For example, the SD 99 is called in England, because there are noSD 1999. The old SD 66 with us there in 2010, there were not synonymous, her name SD = 60!

In a U.S. test of the stabilizer of the CX 130 was a little worse than the estimated SD of 66, but not completely wrong. The optical stabilizer with the 29.8 he Lens in the CX 305 is so synonymous been evaluated positively. But I look at the CX 130 will look again tomorrow in more detail.

Even in low light, in my opinion a not so big difference to see Panasonic rushes a little more, Sonyist a bit darker.

I have only the CX 130 here, the CX 160 is to make really have a microphone input, the Sony U.S. page writes the synonymous (the CX 130 has there is no microphone input, which is true, unfortunately).

Somehow Sonyda has missed completely. BeiCanongibt but it synonymous with the top model of the M class has a microphone input, the next smaller M class it does not exist.

In the end I believe it only when I have the CX 160 in their own hands ....

The claims must be always highly differentiated. Even if you think it is good, normal customers simply do not have the rights of our forums foxes. That is synonymous not mean bad, I experience it every day, the CX 130 are high or Panasonic SD 99 customer satisfied, and return the cameras are not what's happening constantly in the cheap homes ala Rollei Jay & Tech.



Antwort von Jan:

Oops, because someone has deleted his post ....



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