Infoseite // CES: Sony camcorder with built-in viewer: PJ50V HDR, HDR and HDR PJ30V

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Antwort von Jan:

Hello Slashcam,

I have today received the J 10, that is the sister model, the CX 160 with Beamer.

A microphone input and a headphone output is s.Bord, just like the 16 GB internal memory, signal electronics, such as CX 160th

Now for the projector, the maximum range is 3 meters and the image corresponds to a 60 "TV.

The focus works well with a small wheel on the LCD, the sound can be output separately, 5.1 sound is synonymous s.Bord.

In daylight, it looks more up to 50 cm a reasonable image, in a slightly darkened environment is synonymous with an image to see a good meter.

The 3 feet are visible only in darkness, but quite impressive for a mini-projector. Then the camera synonymous reached the target size of 60 "white wall or s.einer s.einer canvas.

For me there is only a recommendation from darkening.



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