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Panasonic DMC-FZ30 vs. FujiFilm FinePix S 9500

Panasonic DMC-FZ30 vs. FujiFilm FinePix S 9500

Frage von Acer:
Oktober 2006

Hi you,

as eingefleischter videographers, I find it hard to me to admit that I like to photograph synonymous (SIN !!!!;-)
Nevertheless, I ask all those who are familiar with digital cameras, to help me.

It is as always to buy ...

After several test reports (eg Stiftung Warentest, LetsGoDigital, Digital Camera ... etc.) have read, reminds me of my decision even harder, the more opinions I hear the two cameras.

First, I was totally enraptured of the Panasonic Lumix Camera (hang synonymous with the LEICA Lens, and the OIS together). The FujiFilm S9500 of fluctuations, however, let me ...

First, the Panasonic has the problem, begin to roar and artifacts to form. Despite cuts in Stiftung Warentest with 1.9, which FujiFilm (no noise problems) with 2,1 ... Because something is not true, but artifacts are one of the ugly features on a Still Image.

What struck me on the page of FujiFilm suggests, is the 28mm wide-angle (for the Panasonic, it is 35mm). How big is the difference? Hat jmd examples found in Google?

More questions: Are FujiFilm Leica Lenses with which to compare?
If the only noise would be Bemängelnde, would you still suggest to the Camera?

Links to the tests:

Fujifilm: http://letsgodigital.org/de/fujifilm_finepix_s9500_zoom/review.html

Panasonic: http://www.digitalkamera.de/Info/Panasonic_Lumix_DMC-FZ30_eilt_dem_digitalkamera.de-Test_entgegen_2980.asp

Thank you for your help,


Antwort von Acer:

Has done. Will probably take the FZ50. No. The other two could really convince me. So luckily it's yet another Panasonic! As far as I'm just wondering:

The CCD of the FZ50 is as big as the FZ30, is according to several tests, but well! noise to (synonymous with the new Venus Engine III Processor)

How will this work, only an electronic noise, this Leisutng can not afford!

Thanks for your help,


Antwort von Jan:

Yes Pana Acer has always been a little rauschanfälliger at DigiCam's.

But the Venus Engine III brings so much that he can separate brightness and color processing. If I have s.fast all newer models with whom I have had photographed (FX 50, 07 or LX 2) - images which I then Pana with a digicam is not expected.

Well, the technique turns next, sensors will always be better utilized - Pana's Digicam for me to make a step forward, just like the LCD, 's. New models are still in good sunlight readability, which can be found at SonyW 30/50/70 not say.

Even better is for me but the new DIG! C III zb of Canon 850 IS & 900 Ti, when Z 1000 Casio and Canon 900 Ti and the next is at 100% (Photoshop), then there are huge differences in image noise - both at 10 million and 1 / 1, 8 "CCD with best quality - even though 10 million so synonymous None needed, and my opinion is the 10 million Casio Picture even worse than the Canon with a 6 million.

Have you so well informed - and Digitalkamera.de DigiCam photos are good / useful sites.


Antwort von Acer:

Ok, thank you for your remarks.

But how it is (physically) possible that an equally large (1 / 1, 8 ") CCD is better than a 1 / 1, 8" CCD with fewer pixels? That I do not understand.

The FZ50 would then indeed all internal noise wegfiltern, and thus make everything smooth ironing. This would indeed synonymous destroyed some details ...

Is the noise of the FZ30 really sooo bad? Currently I am again s.Schwanken between the FZ30 and FZ50 (Fortunately there are not two different Manufacturer ;-).

In http://digicamfotos.de/ can be found under "Test Photos" comparison chart pictures of different cameras so synonymous FZ30/50. I see no annoying noise! What do because all the test reports on this camera?

Yesterday I was at Media Markt in the palace in Berlin and have a good advice relating to getting FZ50. The employee has me convinced of the Camera. But no one I could make it clear that I take into account the different noise behavior despite gleichgroßem Chip do not understand.
(Saturn in response to my question: "Since you need at the Panasonic hotline call," Very helpful!)

In the "digicam forum, however, the FZ30 in contrast to the highly praised FZ50! Now I understand nothing anymore!

Thanks for your answer, Jan, I hope you can help me. Of course I would have a reply kosntruktive of each member Slashcam grateful.



Antwort von Jan:

Yes, I have no extensive testing with other books like the FZ 50 made. But all the models with the new processor to work with me at least have a very good impression. A few years ago until now, Pana Digicam's always a little rauschanfällig verschrien. That the FZ 30 is better, I still can not believe it right.

A Nikon D 200 - with the same sensor as the Sony Alpha RA 100 - get Nikon of the Sony, if you had not thought synonymous, based on the same area as D 50 / 70 / s now at once the D 200 with 10 million pixels the other is clearly beat. D 200 has completely new electronics to get the image quality even surpasses.

Fuji is always a different theme, which at the moment are probably almost unbeatable, my last vacation was synonymous of F 30 photographs, she has very few quirks such as no manual focus, no viewfinders or to a weakness in good light - where they like somewhat overexposed / or against - that have so many zb.

When gluing the picture Reinhartshausen Austria pictures I was astounded, because last year the SonyW 5 - 2005, a multiple winner - had to be saddled, and in the same area, with the same weather, the Sony had basically no chance against the F 30, Fuji is good as Fuji has always had something to vote Green.

About the Super CCD yes you certainly already heard several times. The new 9600, I had not yet in the store - is probably the number 1 after the reflex class. I had the old 9500 only briefly in the store.

At the end can be synonymous but crazy, I know many satisfied Casio Z 1000 owners (I like the company did not), only if I s.PC a picture with a different look, people compare the differences, it's sometimes to be do not exaggerate.


Antwort von Acer:

Ok, Jan, which means that you tend to me the FZ50 would recommend? S.den FZ30/50-Modellen What I particularly like is:

1. the LEICA Lens
2. that the lens does not herausfährt

For FujiFilm is indeed the concept of 'Real Photo Technology "has been extremely high praise. Only when I have the feeling at FujiFilm not quite high-quality stuff to come.

In mediaonline.de cost to S9600 (S9500 successor of?) 489 ¬, S9500 439 ¬ (S 9600)

PanasonicFZ 50

But I have the feeling that the Optics Fujifilm is not as good as the front purely bad, can not rear well made. For Panasonic LEICA lens manufacturers and I think that vignetting and so was hardly occur, because the super easy Optics processed.

Well, the WW is synonymous halt a difference whether 35mm (Fz30/50) or 28mm (S9500/9600). There are converter ... Oh yes, OIS Panasonic has a construction that Fuji has not!

What would you recommend me (FZ50/S9600)?




Digicamfotos.de When one sees that the pictures of the S9500 much less noise than the Panasonic. My only problem is that my Pansonic of handling and presentation of the whole rather than like the FujiFilm!

Antwort von Jan:

Yes s.Ende always an emotional decision, although the Fuji's in most cases in terms of image quality to stay ahead.

What should I say I am already convinced of Fuji. The FZ 50 makes it synonymous but not bad grip.


Antwort von Gustav:

"Acer" wrote:

How will this work, only an electronic noise, this Leisutng can not afford!


This may very well be the noise. Only then you must also reckon that you like even more synonymous in the fine details are weggeerechnet Picture! Whether the final conclusion of wisdom, must each decide for themselves. To this we owe u. A. synonymous with the pixel-mania, the yes of all interested sides uncritically supported.


Antwort von Acer:

@ Gustav:

Does this mean that you would use to Fujifilm?

Antwort von Jan:

Yes that right, Gustav, a fine surface in Picture effect is sometimes only "washy".

Fuji goes right to work aggressively, Sonyist at Clear RAW NR synonymous fairly successful in dealing of brightness and color, synonymous one reason because the image noise in the signal processor is processed, many companies s.Ende edit the operation of the chain after the processor. Sonyist law successfully so, at Sony Gibts in the class but no direct competitors to the FZ 50 & S 9600 is as between H 5 and R 1, is always better otherwise we make you even more crazy.

And Pixelwahn - I say nothing more - whom I have a Casio Z 1000 not recommend - I get lately is a purely - there are an unbelievable number of people who only look after pixels - without knowing how much so depending on the size ca needed, and test images 2-3 mio synonymous with falsehood as apparent ...


Antwort von mori:

Hi Acer,

s.deiner body, I would at the Panasonic models remain.
Before I had purchased the 5D, I photographed only with the FZ-30 The noise can be obtained from the small chips of course very difficult to stop. For larger prints you should with a maximum of ISO 100 photos. For prints up to 20x30 is ISO 200, sometimes 400 usable. For portraits, the noise of course, as a stylistic device used.
Even at long exposure times can still be well out of hand photograph, however, draws the image stabilizer because often after the Picture!
Whether you are 8 or 10MP has played in the class in which the cameras move hardly a role. The manual focus is for the two models, no dream is no comparison to DSLR's. The autofocus is pumping at LowLight unfortunately quite strong. This was synonymous one reason why I am on the DSLR's changed me. In nature photography makes it simply does not make sense. In good conditions, the image quality for camera Bridge very well. Colors, etc., are auto-saturated normal shoot-to-print Camera.
Many greetings


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