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Frage von walter1204:

I extended SE of 9 to p Pros. Windows XP, faster processor, huge hard drive, 2 GB RAM uws. So it can not lie s.PC.
At the edges of the film is processed, the program just before the end of the film (54 min) is always hanging. Interfere with virus protection and other processes that might have been turned off ever before, is not synonymous with it.
I've been working for years with Pinnacle, and did not have this problem.
The company Pinacle knows no advice
Who can help me ?!?!?


Antwort von silentzero:

Starts as perhaps a new video clip or a Stillimage. For I had ever had a problem with a Picture in Liquid Edition. It should start by the end of my film rendering and whenever it wanted to render this picture is, it crashed. Did the picture then simply copied, saved under a different name, it again Imports in LE and swapped with the other, then he went.


Antwort von jenso:

Thanks for the reply, s.dieser body is inserted Stillimage no, no transitions, only one thing in this area, I have brightened up by editing and changing colors indoors.


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Did halt an error in the timeline ..., blank, etc.

Copy and paste the timeline views into a newly created Project ...
Then Gucke times in Höchter timeline stretching all carefully ...


Antwort von jenso:

S.dieser your body begins to effect? Then take time but the effect from the first clip s.dieser place (before you write, but the effect settings). Probably the Project renders by now.

Then, when it works, put the / the effect (s) on it again and look if the error occurs again. If so, play a bit with the parameters, which can often represent something (eg the brightness just a little less or more).

I switched from about 1 / 2 years of Pinncle to magix, because I have this "little" mistake of the program's driven almost to whiteness.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Walter,

about problems with Pinnacle Studio Render was the Video Forum Rendering with Pinnacle Studio 9. Maybe you'll find further evidence for possible remedies. (Good luck!)

Quote: ... because I have this "little" mistake of the program's driven almost to whiteness.
I'm surprised it has long ceased, that the Pinnacle Forum is heading in the video with the most posts. ;-)


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