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Frage von movieforscher:

Have a movie (. Mpv file) with Studio9 cut and then wanted to make a dvd (or first time a disc image) to create
in the window film is the whole film, the film can be found in windowless nice run
ð§ In Studio9 "bar (above)" 3 Movie "here
ð§ In the "File: Open Project
ð§ Left bar: "Disk" icon
ð§ top center: "Settings" button, it opens the menu "Setup Options." Here:
o Output Format !’ "DVD"
o Burn Options !’ "direct to disc burn" or "Save file in"
o Media and Device Options !’ "DVD + R / + RW"
o Video quality ok !’
ð§ In addition to the great DVD picture in the middle is now "DVD 4.7 GB" and the achievable quality
ð§ Burning / File create green button with the left "Create Disk"

It appears in Statusfendster Render work in process, please wait "and right in fimfenster" movie in the works of creation "and a blue progress bar.
unfortunately it is synonymous after 2 days of non-disruptive process of this art is neither a progressive nor establish a results file somewhere to finen.
what is the reason?


Antwort von Musashi:

Hello. You're with this problem, unfortunately, not alone.

Look here:

After several successful projects with PS9 processed and rendered synonymous had happened to me the same thing. This error message no longer come, synonymous if you're one months render. So cancel.

I've tried a lot:

Sound effects get new scenes captured and exchanged against the old, the scenes in which the rendering cancels cleared out transition effects, etc. Nothing has helped.

Then I made a movie 4 parts (projects) and made each part individually rendered and output as mpeg. Has even worked. The 4 parts, I then loaded a new project and again several times unsuccessfully rendered. After a total of 5 weeks (!) Then times it has worked, no idea why.

I once read that the problem is already defective by capturing with PS9 causes. You might some day with another program like Virtualdub (freeware) to capture and then each scene in your project with this material should be replaced.


Antwort von movieforscher:

thank you, Musashi, there really is a "worm feeling" when you are not alone-and in any case, I can now save the wait!
werd now the new thing again and put together with a positive result the same set ...


Antwort von Quadruplex:

"movie investigator" wrote: "worm feeling,"
As is well inside the worm :-)


Antwort von movieforscher:

.. here as promised, my final result:
have 2 suspicions checked,
1. new name (without the special characters inside)
2. the scene length is drastically shortened (on 2. .4 min).
result: studio9 now has at least started to render and a results file under "unnamed" opened, but then remained in the 3rd szene hang like several of suffering experienced and enjoyed painfully reported.
Consequence: I have the nose full of P studio9 and make my humble convert cutter and with a few freeware programs like PVAStrumento and Mpeg2Schnitt because everything runs smoothly.
investigator movie over and out


Antwort von Iltis05:

Hi folks,

'm quite new here in the forum several times and have contributions to the Render problem reading, but as a real miracle solution, it seems unlikely to give ...
I have been working for years with Pinnacle Studio, now with the latest version of 9 (ie 9.4 Schlagmichtot ...). Lately I almost no warrior more finished film, as ever after 3 or 4.Renderdurchgang is stopped! All the tricks and gimmicks with Clip subdivide, etc. will not help more. My movies are on average 2 hours long and were of a Panasonic NV-GS120 with Firewire on plays. If I'm good can I get half the project as AVI to render. Then I take measurements of forced the rest to new again and will render it as AVI - because it captures part garnicht, it can still cut away so much! If more garnicht went I had some of the DV-camera analogy in order to render what ever you! What could be the reason? I'm not here next, but must be able to produce, I lose here hours and days, because it is always after the 3rd or 4.Renderdurchgang obvious. My PC is actually laughing about the program is broken, I use external hard disks synonymous, so no storage problems! Even reinstalling and pulling the top Pinnacle Studio patch (allegedly obtain a better rendering is) nothing helps! I have the impression that the Pinnacle program after a certain period of destroying itself in order to buy a new one!
Can anyone help me? Have already ordered version 10, which I really did not want it to, because I do with 9 actually zurfrieden was .... but apparently I must go sometime!

Greetings Tim!


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