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Frage von GeorgeIsOn:


My problem is that when I restore the recordings, these are synonymous afterwards on the PC with sound, etc. and all, but while I'm in "recording" I hear the sound of the shots are not on my PC speakers. Embarrassed shcon clicked through all the menus, but nothing where I found the sound "on" can.

Has anyone any idea what ne could it?


Antwort von dukebtd:

The answer is very simple: IT IS NOT!


Antwort von Markus:

Many tools do not capture sound, while DV stream is recorded. So far I have thus helped the sound from the analog camcorder via the audio mixer to the audio s.Schnittplatz monitors to lead.

If it is PC-boxes are active and no audio mixer should be available, could the boxes during the capturing synonymous s.den AV output of the camcorder can be connected. These jacks are so while not otherwise required.


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