Infoseite // Pinnacle Studio Plus installed default Jerkiness films!

Frage von nutschi:

Hello and good evening,

I hope I'm right here :-)))

I have the program installed + bonus DVD and now wanted to test times.

I then address some of the films already given clicked and these are unfortunately very choppy play.

mutatis mutandis as bild bild ... away - since gone - and gone since. like a fast slide show.

I then applied some tips.

Disk Cleanup, Defrag, another Resolutionprobiert, repair ect.

All other programs closed, CPU is at 2-7%, Auslagerungsdatein are 692 MB.

My hard drive is a Samsung MP0804H in a Medion MD95800 laptop.

Has anyone any idea yet what woman could try or should I prefer it straight back runterschmeissen ?????


Antwort von Alpinist:

"nutschi" wrote: CPU is at 2-7%, Auslagerungsdatein are 692 MB.
Say what you searched for a CPU and how much RAM you have. If 692 MB of memory are insgasemter type I to 256 MB of RAM and that alone is very little (no preference which program you use). Coupled with a weak (?) CPU ists no wonder then synonymous ;-)

Google asked:
Quote: As the heart of the Medion 95800 works a Pentium M 730 with 1.6 GHz clock work. The main memory consists of two DDR2 RAM bars with 256 MB of Samsung, 8 MB of which is reserved, however the integrated graphics chipset. Because these graphics chipset, the new Aldi-Notebook in 3D Mark 2001 SE synonymous only meager 4632 points. For performance-hungry gaming fans, it is therefore not sufficient.
Conclusion: too poor calculator, because too little RAM and not even a dedicated graphics chip. Running because with VLC or Windows Media Player, the videos? If so, look obs is hereby:




Antwort von nutschi:

So if I look at the system, are reported as follows:

1,60 GHz processor, 504 MB Ram

the movies that are bucking the ones already in the program are available and none that I've recorded. Where am I do not come.

I know there are mpg files, the preloaded movies so I can not find it. all other background Pinnacle of mpg files that I can find, I can without any problems on the Windows MPlayer play synonymous with shooting, I had never been problem, which all ran smoothly.

I should be s.besten but the program throw down again?
AND what would be a good alternative to the program ?????

LG Nutschi


Antwort von oliver II:

So the calculator and the memory are not just cars for DV editing.
Perhaps yes synonymous an external hard drive, accessible only to the data to be written, something. Furthermore, I would increase the memory. 1GB will cost around 100 euros.
Other Programs are synonymous to my knowledge no less demanding as performance is concerned.


Antwort von petersaus:

Had similar problem. Indeed, the problem arises that DMA back to PIO had fallen. Thanks to the excellent description on I switched back to DMA and lo and behold, no more jerky.

Thanks and greetings


Antwort von RaGo:

Hello Nutschi,

I was successful with 256 MB of RAM my film processed.

However, significantly accelerates the processing: I have all the security related processes and terminates the DSL disconnected. That put about 100 MB of additional free space (as print spooler, Automatic Update, HTTP, all network processes, etc.).

What could be the problem: When Medion laptop has the graphics card does not have its own memory but uses the memory. (Shared Memory). This can slow the processing s.Screen result, but still does not mean your film processed afterwards jerky ...



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