Infoseite // Film commentary with Pinnacle Studio 10.7 Pros not possible?

Frage von Heiko Reimann:

I did my first video from DV camcorder with the help of Studio 10.7 Pros successfully transferred to the timeline, cut, with titles and transitions provide. Even the background music as smart music, I have no problems Requirements. At Film Comment (tool) opens it does not. It is easy to delay the background music, although the micro-mask is shown. Before recording, the Micro to the mask synonymous activated.

My preferences in the movie Comment: Source: Video WinFast PVR 2000 Video Capture (DV camcorder setting is not possible !!!); Audio Realtek AC 97 Audio Microphone

Video - Audio Settings: Microphone - Realtek AC 97 audio, 16-bit (mono), 22.05 kHz

What am I doing wrong? Who can give me a hint? The Pinnacle support has not responded!

The PC Hardware Test for Micro and audio works flawlessly.


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

try with the default sound recorder which recorded. Does the least?
Is the recording level is high enough synonymous? Or is the track is muted, or even locked?
The setup should be on the tab "recording source" for video and audio "DV camcorder" to be set. This tab appears only refers to the capturing, not the post!
On the last card "video - and audio settings" is for "Recording of Film comments" the Microphone (Realtek AC97 Audio ", so synonymous with me) elected.
I would be synonymous with what others prefer to dubbing potter, such as Audacity. Someone told me recently recommended in this forum, I'm thrilled. Since I prefer only the audio snippets into the dubbing track and voilà ...


Antwort von Heiko Reimann:


Thank you for your instructions. Although I have been a few years ago with Studio 8 worked (without such a problem), I still refer to as Beginners.

All standard PC functions (without Pinnacle) to function properly.

The film commentary track is unlocked! The sound level appears only before the recording, during the recordings, the sound level of the Hinergrundmusik (SmartSound)! The language is not included.

The tabs are properly set, where "source" an attitude "Microphone" and "DV camcorder 'are not allowed.

"Audacity" is not yet known to me. Will mich mal care. Nevertheless, I have the problem with Pinnacle is currently approaching.


Antwort von Eva Maier:

Why not 22 KHz and 44 or 48?

/ E


Antwort von Heiko Reimann:



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