Infoseite // Horizontal stripes in transitions, Pinnacle Studio 11

Frage von steptics:

For some time I get in my projects from DV material with effects or transitions always purple or white streaks in the video. If a sequence is not processed but stored without effects on the timeline these effects do not occur. Both in the preview as synonymous after rendering connect to them. No matter what the export format Hintergrundrendern no preference whether or not, no preference whether or not rendered with hardware support, with no preference what background rendering codec.
Even a new installation of GraKa Drivers and Pinnacle led to no result! The first time that this occurred (; is unfortunately a bit ago, and can therefore not be reconstructed directly) was after buying a new monitor, that is of course obvious, but I was up with the new monitor of VGA to DVI. That means the GraKa suddenly had to steer a different port. But unfortunately, synonymous nothing changed when I test the new monitor via VGA as followed.
So the problem persists, try a synonymous of a new DV codec (; these Panasonic DV codec) brought no change.

In Annex I zipped a short 20 seconds of a video sequence with the stripes.

Thanks for all the advice.


Antwort von RickyMartini:

You could use another editing program to determine if it is s.dem of Pinnacle.


Antwort von tommyb:

Filters are used to happen with the help of the graphics card to run?

If you play the material in the Windows Media Player (and, if possible), there are as synonymous these stripes? Is there in the program itself, in the window in the timeline this movie?


Antwort von steptics:

So because of various filters I can not give any information because I did not know where one could look as though I'm pretty sure that these filters were not intentionally installed or run. I have now done more times eineige test series with different videos and I've noticed:

1. In any other editing applications, Movie Maker, unfortunately, there are no disturbances.

2. In Windows Media Player, as synonymous in any other player, connect the interference at the play. Of course, not in the original video but in the edited in Pinnacle Studio.

3. As far as I have tested the error does not occur in all the AVI files but in some. However, there are problems in all the DV AVI files.

4. As far as testing with no errors MPG FILES occur. Although the exact problems described seeing long as it renders in the background. Once the 'green bars are gone', the effects are working properly.

5. Ironically, the interference synonymous occur if one selects the Pinnacle Studio transitions and it displays the preview. I mean if it represents the effect changes and for testing of blue A on the orange B.

From these observations, I suspect some connection with AVI codec (s) or something but I am not very proficient for that matter.

Thanks for any discussion.


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