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Frage von bluethe:


I have a project with about 2 hours video material created over weeks. Yesterday I wanted to add a few effects. It is my festgefrohren Calculator. After rebooting, my project was no longer there. Completely empty. So I can download Project STX normal but it's just empty.
The Project files and render the data still there.

Have tried the following: A new port project and the old Project reinkopiert data there. Unfortunately, without success.

If I take a working copy of the Project and try to trick works so well.

Is there any chance that I can restore my Project?

It would help me even if I can determine on the basis of project files, which video I did in what order and what time sections of the video files I used.

I had 2 videos of each spliced together and 20h synonymous Articles displayed synchronously with the video. And I have now can not be bothered to start again at 0. Please help me ...


Antwort von Mani666:


the same thing happened to me!
'm Totally done with the nerves!

Question: Have you already hinbekommen?
And how?

've Already created an AVI, but wanted to repair what.
Can I vielleich the AVI cutting back?

Can someone help us. PLEASE !!!!!


Antwort von Mani666:

Hello flower,

Hurray!! Ich habs again hinbekommen !!!!!

Important: Pay attention to the ändungen Ortner name!
Program has, for example after a crash in Ortner: Norway. Accompanied by (1).
So to remove. (1)!

And ending with project needs including: Norwegen.stx!
if a file with. plp is here, for example, using the same name synonymous: Norwegen.plp

Then again, it would have to go with Pinnacle!
New store --- plp Ortner's gone.

I hope I could help you synonymous.

Mfg. Mani666


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