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Frage von TomTmp:

Hello Community,

since the migration to CS5 I have the odd samples, both Premiere find Pro, Encore Media Encoder as synonymous of them not of the trans-encoded video / Assets.

Here, the transcoding starts normally, the progress bar works and the file (s) are written to disk. But after reaching 100%, error messages come in the way that the transcoded files would be missing. But they are available. The log of the Media Encoder, unfortunately, is only "unknown error".

A short time I believed that special characters like '. " or '_' in the project name are responsible. Unfortunately, this was a fallacy. The phenomenon is therefore not always, but more often ...

CS5 I am running at Win7.

Does anyone of you had similar Erfhrungen? And maybe a solution?



Antwort von Alf_300:

This may be:
The Windows "QueryPathOfRegTypeLib" is a false path of a registered type library back. This can cause application compatibility problems. This update fixes the problem. After installation, the Calculator may be restarted.
Windows6.1-KB982110-x86.msu ·

But it may be synonymous to the hard disks are too slow


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