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Frage von Düsi:

Hi @ ll,
Still moving my (JPG / BMP) Jerkiness in the TV picture, static on the other hand, are still ok. All Field Options and Einstellg. in Premiere tried to no success. Do you advice?

Overall approach:
Original Mini-DVD movie ->
With VirtualDubMod withdrawn on PC
(Audio Output Format - Video Interleave. Avi; output MainConcept is not.) ->
Editing in Premiere 6.5 ->
Cutting window exported as Mpeg4V2
or Adobe (MainConcept) MpegEncoder 1.2 (DVD Multiplexer) ->
DVD authoring with CyberLink PowerProducer3.

Is there a more elegant way, of the. Vro file on processing to come to DVD - without multiple Umrechnerei?
My final quality is moderate in comparison to the starting material.

Thanks s.jeden who can help.


Antwort von *the.jokeR*:

Sharpen with ever tried? I always bucking the rules during play. if the effect does not apply.


Antwort von streetbiker:

just tried - unfortunately nixx benefits.
Clarification: Jerkiness images in motion. Seems as if the already synonymous in the preview of the Premiere Project window is. Hm ..


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