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Premiere Audition: AC3 Dekodierung für Soundkarte

Premiere Audition: AC3 decoding for sound card

Frage von Blackeagle123:
April 2006

Hello dear slashcam actresses,

I have a SoundBlaster Audigy sound card and pursuing them with the digital output! Here is transmitted either a stereo signal that the Receiver may make his Pro Logic II thereof (ie, the Receiver does all the work!) Or a digital AC-3 signal via SPDIF.
Now, when I want to make debut in connection with Audition Dolby Digital editing, I can then adjust the program that he ALWAYS goes out via SPDIF, decode, or anything in AC-3? (Real!)
Or how can I solve the problem elsewhere, so I can hear the program itself Dolby Digital, so the sound can be set as synonymous to the center channel?

A little complicated, I hope you can help me!

Many dear greetings

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

-------> Lifting upwards!

Antwort von Axel:

"Blackeagle123" wrote:
Or how can I solve the problem elsewhere, so I can hear the program itself Dolby Digital, so the sound can be set as synonymous to the center channel?

Hi Constantin,
although the danger is not small, that we're completely together vorbeischreiben (PC / Mac): The issue I currently employed much, I'm s.praktikablen but affordable solutions with great interest. Since you bring up more often rather unconventional things that I could possibly synonymous help.

I think that Premiere does not allow editing surround, because it just gives other Programs. Even if you could listen to parallel AC3 (about "Audition"), it did nothing to you, because actions like cut, level, panning, filter, etc. are applicable. Edit AC3 sound makes no sense. It is the end product, do not go to the compressed more. As synchronicity would also be ensured? For this you need the video monitor in the audio program. How is the workflow: video is finished, audio is mixed. HP is on the Adobe Audition is the statement that the Mix "as Interleave File" can be sent back to Premiere. Should this mean that any change will be incorporated in Premiere back to audition, that would be a fantastic integration and almost a reason to change the system ;-)

On clay mixtures I tinker forever, and I have a great selbstgesammeltes archive. Before 5.1 I was just about as much respect. The organization of the thousands of files, which will eventually become the 5.1 sound is probably no small task. How do you turn it?

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

thank you, that has helped me schonmal good next!
Will I probably have to work in stereo s.meinem 5.1 sound and enjoy only in the finished AC3 Dolby surround sound!
The AC3 is compressed, I was already clear, I only asked because, for example PowerDVD is analogous to spend, but you can adjust synonymous digital SPDIF. If yes may be that the program can output in real time on this SPDIF port ...

I'm going s.den 5.1 actually cut off quite loose;) (Always with hints of "Video2Burn"!) Is indeed often a mix of dub and original recordings. Often indeed the surround speakers just a little reverb or as a delaying effect on the original recordings. Taking Atmo stored separately, or set to music, the atmosphere thereafter, is of course much better! Otherwise, the speaker is always in the middle, take the other sounds, "" then back right to front left of the Beipsiel. Is just always different, whether one preceded by a documentary with all this in Audition so easy! And the work among the Adobe programs is really to praise! Not only between Audition and Premiere, among synonymous Encore, Photoshop and After Effects!

'Maybe someone else has another solution!?

Many dear greetings

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