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Frage von Kar.El.Gott:

Hi, I have Premiere CS5 on a calculator with 64-bit Intel Xeon W3530 Core i7 Quadro and 24 Gb RAM. Sound card is an @ July.

If I now recording directly into Premiere the language takes, latches onto the recording is too slow and dull. If I change the speed of the audio clip to 106% fit again. The whole happens but not always, about 10% of the clips sound like, as recorded.

This problem occurs only in Premiere on ...
Does anyone have a similar problem?


Antwort von berndkiltz:

I would even check the settings of the recording. That sounds like a problem with 48/44.1 kilohertz.
swallows on my MacPro to s.and, Premiere, the audio files are 44.1 instead of 48.
Perhaps your settings or your audio interface software configured incorrectly.
Hope it helps!


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