Infoseite // Premiere CS4 problem - editing window

Frage von LightTrancefer:

Bin total s.verzweifeln
In the window "Edit" in Premiere CS4 is just the normal gray background.
In the menu on "Window", everything is turned off
I now prefer to sample projects and cut windows on the surface can import videos
When window is cut "(no sequence)"
I go now to "clips" in the error message comes Meüleiste
"Fatal errors etc. Premiere needs to close"
need urgent help - have s.Montag an important speech and evil must have a video cut

Thanks in advance


Antwort von Commanderjanke:

Had a look at CS3 for me helped only Reinstall


Antwort von LightTrancefer:

I've already tried - it remains with me
Meanwhile läufts already
I need me but every time I start the whole window together tinker - not even more of a store's own profile - it does everything always on top


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