Infoseite // Premiere Pro 1.5> Export to AVI generates incorrect file (DivX 5.0.3)

Frage von Sternenfaenger:

I had put on me now Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, I installed but still synonymous Premiere 6.5.
When I go to Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, a portion of the filmstrip in a AVI export file, I get a huge file in Comparison to that which is created with identical compressor settings of Adobe Premiere 6.5.
The trouble is: I now attempt to play the Pro version of the resulting AVI with any player (Media Player, BSPlayer, ...), this stürtzt from then on.

I have had time to test a small portion of the film premiere of 6.5 and the same part of Exporting Premiere Pro 1.5, with the same compressor settings: The clip has two of the following lengths: 00:00:05:00 (ie 5 seconds, 0 frames) with a Resolutionvon 720 x 576, PCM audio, 44100 Hz, stereo, uncompressed.

(1) The Pro version of which has 51.9 MB
(2) The premiere of 6.5 is only 3.26 MB

By containing the K-Lite Codec Pack tool "G-Spot" I can read the following information:

4CC: DX50 /
85,655 kb / s

4060 kb / s

Striking that in (1) codec only "DX50 / is" in (2) but "DX50/DIVX" right?
How did that come from?
Did I miss da ne setting that is completely hidden, or is this a bug?

MS Windows XP SP 2
Intel Pentium 4, 1.60 GHz mobile (notebook)


Antwort von gaddagah:

The problem is obviously the bit rate that you have not set (correctly). This is indeed ultimately responsible for the file size, so if you set both the same bit rate, the result is likely to be synonymous with both the same size. And then your software player synonymous probably have no problem with the file ...


Antwort von Sternenfaenger:

No, I had written that the codec settings in both files are the same.
Here are the settings as a CLI-line:
[code: 1:74 ab65d24b] bv1-5000-key 15-b-sc 50-pq 5-vbv 8000000,6291456,4718592-profile 4 [/ code: 1:74 ab65d24b]

Nevertheless, many thanks for the reply.
Are there perhaps other reasons, or ne thing I can do?



Antwort von Sternenfaenger:

I have just installed DivX 6.0.3:
Thus Premiere Pro synonymous want to reinstall will not even export a movie with any codec.
Only when I re deanstalliere DivX 6.0.3.
The joke is, other video programs like VirtualDub to work synonymous with installed DivX 6.0.3.
I now suspect that either what's wrong with my Adobe version or do I need to set up my PC again from scratch: (

Thus it is probably this thread of less relevance to the others here, sorry guys ...

Nen Merry Christmas and happy new year to you.


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