Infoseite // Premiere Pro CS4 and thus performance-related burglary

Frage von Commanderjanke:

Hi folks,

We have been working recently with the CS4 version of Premiere Pro. Previously we have with CS3 is cut and there were several traces of HDV editing (4-5). For the same system (Quad-Core Q6600, 8GB ram, Vista 64) is in Premiere Pro CS4 with 2 tracks Feierabend, namely, the Ram is full. How can it be that an alleged new and improved version of such a service brings with burglary. I'm accustomed to a lot of Adobe but that it may really not be. Has anyone similar experiences? after installation was an upgrade of giant made of 700 MB so I go from the software up to date. I ask for help or constructive ideas. The Adobe support so I could not help.




Antwort von soahC:

Because I believe any other errors. I have a fairly similar system (Quad Q9550, 8Gig GEIL Ram and the Production Suite CS4). I have not experienced performance declines. The last was Prorjekt DVCPro HD, synonymous several tracks and effects. Usually ran parallel nor After Effects, and yet I had no performance problems.
If indeed the Ram "becomes full you can actually of a programming error out. Normally that should NEVER happen. What version of premiere is it exactly?

Edit: Oh yes, synonymous use Vista 64


Antwort von Commanderjanke:

So I have now checked again in peace and with the task to run.

So the problem is not the RAM but the CPU (the error was s.der Vista Sidebar display)

So the result:
effects are no more than 3 HDV traces in it, at a 4th track is the CPU (or all the CPU cores) to 95% -100% and it starts bucking s.zu.

If I will work with effects even harder, 2 HDV with GPU effects such as refraction or waves are maximum and CPU utilization is around 85% - 90%.

I mean basically nothing on the other hand, speaks the irgendwann mal ein hardware limit is reached, but 3 tracks without HDV Effects CS4 for HDV to 5 tracks at MIT Effects n CS3 so it can not sense.

After Effects CS4 has made me zb. a better performance than CS3.

Somehow I get on the tube that Adobe could not synonymous me to help me because I hope warring with you towards a solution!


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