Infoseite // Premiere Pro and After Effects - How to play together?

Frage von Spitzie:

First, a friendly "hello" to the community!

Hab da mal ne prelude to the absolute beginner question:

How to play actually After Effects and Premiere Pro together?

More specifically: What I do with Premiere, After Effects with what and what s.besten first or in what order?

I am still not quite clear how I should proceed:
What about 9 hours of film material in Premiere captured, my finished film must be cut and with effects, ...

My problem: When I finished the movie geschnitten hab (with Premiere Pro transitions, etc.), then I do not quite understand how I translate it into After Effects s.besten rüberbekomm ... I would now simply exporting the entire movie (1 File) and then with a new composition in AE and then make the file import ...

this is not somehow seamlessly?

Thank you in advance for your answers ...

I hope times, times that beginners are not the same as a shot! ;)


Antwort von Jörg:

[quote = "Spitzie"]

"Spitzie" wrote:
I hope times, times that beginners are not the same as a shot! ;)

na cover in place, I would still s.deiner times go, lately you never know .....
I have it in the whole time when I worked with both programs,
only in color or 'oldmovie "effects seen whole movies bearbeiten.Die rule is that one individual parts in processed AE
and then what kind übergibt.Auf AP and depends on the workflow instance, the circumstances of the project and the quality expectations.
The transfer of AP to AE as project includes some traps, which is even with the studio version is not entirely seamless.
Easy, it is of AE to AP, this is hardly to be expected with problems.
I would also consist of the Project and in AP rausrendern AE finish.

As you slowly vorsichtigaus get out of the back cover, the subject is in fact the last time here has been discussed.
The search is under _After you Premiere_ some effects and contributions to deliver.
Gruß Jörg


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