Infoseite // Problems Recording (HD SonyHVR-1000E HDV, Video Pro X 1.5)

Frage von Luise313:


Every time I try to transfer videos, get the following error message.

Video Pro X 1.5 tells me: "The recording was terminated for performance reasons"

Can I somehow suppress or adjust something special, so this does not happen again?

I take HDV HD2, PAL and interlaced (Top Field First) and on the videos need synonymous in 1440x1080.

Or is there a freeware program with which I can record HDV, where no such problems occur.

I've already finished all the background running program (even the Windows Explorer) ...

Looking forward to help!


Antwort von prime:

"Luise313" wrote:
Or is there a freeware program with which I can record HDV, where no such problems occur.



Antwort von Luise313:

I got me worried Spplit HDV.

Video & Sound I have, however, the quality desired. TOTAL Bewegunsunschärfe! Can someone give me some advice, what setting should I use with ffshow that I must indeed fellow users, right?? In the video decoder setting I have to date unkompromiert "" set because I thought that I will receive the best quality (think again) ...
Please continue to help!


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