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Frage von strohy:

I previously had my photo of Giottos tripod (I'm not happy at all - unfortunately belongs to a magazine) with a Manfrotto 503HDV Video Eiger (very satisfied)

because I Manfrotto (in contrast to Giotto's) has not yet received, I would like to stay like synonymous.

what can you do for a video tripod for a friend. price between 150 and 300 euro ...


Antwort von Markus:

Fits the Manfrotto 525 synonymous in your price range? That would be ideal. The set, together with ground spreader and bag would probably be cheaper than the head first and then buy the rest ;-)


Antwort von strohy:

jo - the 525 times I had in mind ...
Although slightly more expensive than my asking price was, but if it should already be what decent ...

well - then you are always smarter ...


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