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Frage von alex_delarge:


I have a problem with the Camera in AE. I would like a font, for example, simply left to the right of "exit". Once I get the start and end point (ie, position and target point of the Camera) down, I really only that the motion is linearly interpolated in between. Unfortunately, the camera every time towards the middle a small swing to the bottom. I do not know how I can stop.

Moreover, the picture in the preview monitor in Premiere CS4 so funny dragged after was rendered. That is to say, I have a sequence (640x480 with square pixels, the material has the same dimensions) and is first in the normal 4:3 format. After the sequence will render it in the preview monitor (right) on a square suddenly squashed and slightly delayed (it also jerky when playing). Strangely, the presentation after the final output to a file back to normal. There must be some settings in Premiere s.den lie. Someone knows how the problem can behen? Thank you for your help.


Antwort von Wiro:

"alex_delarge" wrote: Moreover, the picture in the preview monitor in Premiere CS4 so funny dragged after was rendered.
this is because you are in the sequence settings for the video preview a DV codec've chosen. Microsoft AVI then set an AND Intel IYUV codec.
Greeting Wiro


Antwort von alex_delarge:

ok thanks. that has ever worked :-)


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