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Vorschlag an Adobe: aus 2 mach 1 (Premiere Pro und After Effects)

Proposal s.Adobe: from 2 mach 1 (Premiere Pro and After Effects)

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Oktober 2008

Proposal s.Adobe: from 2 mach 1 (Premiere Pro and After Effects) of heidi - 5 oct 2008 11:47:00
Integration, ie the seamless cooperation between different applications, is one of the strengths of Adobe's Creative Suite, but for DV Rebel Stu Masch joke, she does not go far enough. If it were up to him, should After Effects and Premiere equivalent to an application will be merged: the creative possibilities of the compositing program handle firmly coupled with the universal timeline interface instead of a link by Dynamic Link, which (as students) in more complex tasks in the immediate knees. Also on the RAM preview, it is not good to talk ... Even if the claim is not exactly original, but very interesting.

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Antwort von r.p.television:

Think or do I wish for a long time. Because of simple effects such as speed ramps would be the unification of the two programs make sense.
The never-ending out and her nerves. Vorallem complex projects from Premiere are not editing. Here you have to work as before clips. And even more annoying.

Antwort von 02VideoFaBI:

Yeah! I think not yet read, but can now vote in favor! An After Effects with the correct timeline, Importierfunktionen, live audio and the other premiere features in combination with super-AFX-effects. super. That would be the ultimate editing software.

Antwort von Tuffy:

I respect the students already, but if I would find useful;
The switch between the two applications in one program but would be a little odd, from the integration etc, this would be the import window so pumped full (for larger productions) that I can not imagine that would work cleanly.
Premiere was alone with me already "ridiculous" 2 ½ hours of DV material is not worry-free process, the perceived task passed hours.

To do this, I wonder what it would do to the price - and those who are not with Premiere, but as Final Cut Pro intersect. I have at least AFX rather than Shake or Motion.


Antwort von Ian:

The idea of AE and PP zusammanzuführen I find not good. The program would be much too confusing. The surfaces for cutting and compositing sinvollerweise are not equal. There are two different activities.

Antwort von Axel:

I'm frankly a little surprised that with the integration of APP and AAE did not seem as far ago. If I were the main concern of Masch joke at times the simplicity's sake at one point may be reduced: One Effect at a APP timeline clip that you created in AAE, but has not yet been rendered, you can not see in APP before him in AAE not rendered (and what? Some imported?). What is actually Bridge, as several projects to "bridge"?

On the other must be one of mind: Stu-mash wit, the "DV Rebel," in favor of a luxury equipment, probably the most synonymous only with the involvement of the appropriate hardware would run. At the moment, one may as private inventors and of Masch joke 'Book Broached pleased that AAE lahmarschige a RAM preview offers.

Tuffys to motion estimation (too lean, but very easy) and Shake (one kit, Formula-1, but what if you just want to go?), I share.

Antwort von Wiro:

There is once again the call for the Eierlegende Wollmilchsau loud.

Even if you realize it would (could): would such a Programmbolide so cluttered that a meaningful work is no longer possible. If I said above - is synonymous my opinion.

The way forward is already trod. I was at the Photokina s.zwei workshops involved, dealing with the innovations of CS4 went. The integration of Premiere, AE, Encore and Soundbooth was significantly expanded. It was usgezeigt that even in a "turnkey" DVD project in Encore an effect adjustment in AE without rendering immediately and was broadcast live.

Ask me None but because of what the machines z.Vfg. had.
If the time everything go well ...
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


Special effects are special effects and editing is editing. Not for nothing you will learn about both separately.



Antwort von r.p.television:

"Lutz Dieckmann" wrote:

Special effects are special effects and editing is editing. Not for nothing you will learn about both separately.

Of course, correct. Unfortunately, Adobe Premiere, but denied some of the functions that occur only in After Effects in Premiere synonymous better would be integrated. Especially the time I would be ramping in the editing system practical. And some Transparenzmodi were synonymous useful directly in Premiere - but here again seemingly in CS4 is promised improvement.
The direct link has never worked more complex projects.
Personally, I could me a complete integration of After Effects in the Premiere timeline already imagine. Of course, should remain different versions available. Without After Effects Premiere, After Effects alone, Premiere with After Effects. I would take the latter because I'm changing because of the simple effects of time.

Antwort von Jörg:

And some Transparenzmodi were synonymous useful directly in Premiere

Now, these are in the CS4 now available again, or so arranged that they synonymous with the superficial user accessible.
The (synonymous of the Slashcam editorial falsely claimed time and again) the lack of Blendmodi has never taken place, they are at least 1.5 in the calculations the effects / Level Cross-cutting calculations.
In search of the E version after Arithmetics ff ....
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von Wiro:

I must sometimes on the first really superficial knowledge of some users are surprised.
Perhaps it would be a good way and once again a training seminar to show ...?
Greeting Wiro

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