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Frage von LeoLouse:

Hai people
I have two small problems. First, I would like to create one for a part of a film effect, which the picture or the like scratching. Thus, in the manner of "old-fashioned movie," and how the tape of the film would be scratching. Unfortunately, I find neither in nor premiere on the Internet such a filter ... = (! Can you help me maybe?

My second problem arises when rendering: When I upload my data of your camcorder to your PC and then cut them into Premiere, edit ect., I will indeed synonymous to export back into an unplayable format: P. But if I now have "File-Export-Movie" and go rendere the film, he stops unexpectedly after completion of the rendering. I tried watching the movie in WMP and Real Player, both with the same effect. Do you know what's wrong?

MfG LeoLouse


Antwort von Christian:


for those scratched-film effects, there are plugins like of DigiEffects Film Damage, which is very good, but not synonymous for free. I think when Qicktime-effects, there is synonymous sowas similar, which is available in Premiere, if you have Quicktime installed with.

Ruckel likely to export your movie in, because you have set to "uncompressed". The data rate is thus enormous, and the movie jerky. Add ma to "Microsoft DV AVI" and then have to cut your video material before and after the same format.


Antwort von steveb:


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