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Frage von Paul*Berlin:

Happy new year and hello community,

In about 2 months s.meiner school will be held the next evening of music, and I will cut this time and record live because I do not have the time to cut all the clips in retrospect, also lacking in not so great performances in retrospect, the pleasure cut, the whole and I do not have the best Calculator, which makes the whole unpleasant synonymous. When live editing is this all away, this can also synonymous nor the evening will be streamed online.

To the entire technology to the video mixer and the stream technology (everything packed in SD of course) get at me about my job, what I think about not coming, is a device for recording the whole thing.

Support from the support I will not get well, because the school with the device then nothing can begin, and if I do want it then, I would have to contain so synonymous give back money for it. My budget is very limited, the greatest joy would actually ¬ 250 if the patrons do not even change his mind.

On the other page I've read about hard disks DVD-recorder, which would remain in regards to price framework, that they occasionally need to stop recording, because the file system. In addition, the video quality should not be the best, right?

Products that are of the performance here, but not by the price her interesting are these:
Datavideo DN-200
Edirol P-10

Can you write me maybe your experience on Hard disk DVD recorder or recommend other products (? You could borrow if need be synonymous yet)


Antwort von Fendt:

Hi Paul,

we always use an S-VHS VCR as security. It captures with the PC with an external device of Canopus, similar to this: C3% B6r_Multimedia & hash = item2a0793d6e9


Antwort von Alf_300:

I find DVD_Recorder in XP mode, still a tad better than SVHS, synonymous because there is no band interference. n usually gives no dropouts during longer synonymous Aufnahmrn than 4GB


Antwort von thos-berlin:

The S-VHS recorder in the review of Fendt's only serves the accident recording, if the PC is recording in the pants.

I had last summer with a PC and an AD converter (actually a DV recorder) and a PC recorded a sporting event s.zwei nearly 3 hours per week without any technical problems (accident recording on the DV recorder, ie tape).

The fear of the crash is only begündet when the PC "botched" or defective or the power supply uncertain.

As DVD recorders can record all the movies from TV, the music should be synonymous evening without problems can be burned onto the disc. I can hardly imagine that recorder, which produce systematic "absorption gaps" would win the favor of the buyer.

Elegant would be possibly a copy with hard drive, of which you can download immediately burn the DVDs for those involved. Perhaps you such a hard disk / DVD recorder to make the patrons but tasty. They are for educational purposes (educational television recording / documentation, etc.) is ideal.

When and where in Berlin for the event?


Antwort von deti:

The cheapest and best quality A / D converter is a standard (already available End) DV camera with analog inputs. Here's how: maker/21/dvpassthrough.mspx



Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

Hm, okay, so what I read here seem, the DVD recorder but to deliver passable quality. Maybe I can try something since synonymous.

The DVDs I would not want to burn down right of the plate, because in such a night of music may well occur long pauses, which s.der is primarily our sound, then the first forgets to portray the singer a micro etc. pp. :)
These breaks would I cut out yet.

I will speak again tomorrow synonymous with a teacher about it, maybe he can again cause was ... It occurs to me: today.

Jute night!


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