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Frage von Magic23:

I have a sony hdr-sr12. as soon as the warranty expires now I'm thinking instead of the 120GB HDD on the cam is in the,
SSD (flash memory) installed. Think so that the software is in the action on nem EPROM or so and not on the hard drive, for the same model gives indeed synonymous with no hard drive.

SSD hard disks are indeed really become very cheap and one need not synonymous high-speed version.

Has anyone made schonmal and talks about his experiences?


Antwort von RickyMartini:

This is on the internal HDD camcorder IMO the software is expected to drive the exchange do not succeed so easily - in addition, only 1.8 "SSDs with a very specific use interface;)

One can indeed synonymous with the camcorder to record MMstick why SSD is really obsolete! The performance of an SSD brings an AVCHD camcorder no benefit.


Antwort von Magic23:

"Ricky martini" wrote: in addition, only 1.8 "SSDs with a particular interface used;)

what do you mean?

But if you look at the series of Sony2008er, eg. the SonyHDR-CX11E is to find out then because the software are located at dieserr Cam, no hard drive and no internal memory, but only has a memory stick?


Antwort von RickyMartini:

There is not only SATA (1-3), but even more synonymous interface types: IDE / IDE 44Pin, LIF, ZIF 22 # xf_top

At what a SSD you've had for thinking, but not s.eine 2.5 "SATAII SSD, right?

Because the software is housed elsewhere.
avoidance of any doubt, you should use a search engine and make you smart on the redevelopment potential.


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