Infoseite // Search Monitor for Canon 5D Mark II with respect to rotation Camera! Urgent.

Frage von RocknRoyal:

Hi All,

I have a pivot end of next week, including what is to come when our camera crane used for this purpose and will ext book. Monitor requires what is understood of itself, for it may well "look s.Boden" what in the Height of the crane it is recording;)

Problem s.der matter is currently the budget - I do not particularly grab deep into their pockets, which would be the quickest, easiest and cheapest option? What are the connections needed by the monitor? All right, one Billigprodukt, which was to survive these 2 days of shooting.

Ideally, please link with the product! Could we really let the whole theory is not synonymous with a TV show? Say, if there exists a power source during shooting?



Antwort von Mink:

Perhaps hiring!


Antwort von carstenkurz:

The 5D may have both composite / analog video, HDMI to work as synonymous. For the latter we need an adapter of mini-HDMI (HDMI-C) to HDMI or DVI.

eg; ARTICLE = 85,473; PROVID = 2402

We tested both analog synonymous HDMI - the picture quality of the composite signal from the 5D was very good. The large Sony tube would simply oll looked just a bit, so we took but rather the TFT with HDMI. Could reflect synonymous via HDMI and the sound of the 5D will be used for the laptop switched on the spot.

The cheapest might well be this small video displays that are sold as accessories, respectively, with car DVD players.

But I tell you at once that the right monitor is the smallest problem with s.einem Crane gibts da synonymous funny handling problems, because the 5D is nunmal no video camera. With the idea of remote control you have explained to you before?

Be sure to try out in advance if the schedule is tight.

- Carsten


Antwort von RocknRoyal:


I understand this correctly? You have used a TFT monitor? Say, such is in place for computer? Have them then connected to the laptop? then taken up by Liveview? Where am I do not really understand the meaning ... then would have served only the synonymous laptop as such, is not it?

Have you ever a link to such a monitor?

I will need then yes synonymous approximately 6-8 meters of cable length, of the 5D Mark II to s.den Monitor at Crane moved out to 'get is that, or is lost on the route the signal?



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