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Newsmeldung von slashCAM:

Hier geht es zur Newsmeldung: Sony's NEX-VG10 vs VideoDSLR


Antwort von Jott:

Two disadvantages are none.

- The lack of 24p is only a problem in the U.S.,
here is yes 25p in the offer.

- 25p in the 50i container must not be de-interlaced, as the author is concerned only together again. The two fields are indeed the same time. This is not elegant, but not synonymous unusual solution, psf, there is a long time.

I'm certainly looking forward to first serious tests and screen tests (for all I care of the inevitable Bloom). What I have seen so far s.Footage is, unfortunately, as so often of people who can focus neither true nor illuminate.


Antwort von rush:

That's all marketing strategy ... Sonymuss but still leave room for improvement ... and can then several months after the device is on the market call by a firmware update or product update again with the supposedly "cool new" features into Gedächnis - which should have been in the release will be state of the art. But that's how it is:)


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"SlashCAM" wrote: ... Biggest disadvantage ... the lack Lens Adapter for Canon - and Nikonobjektiven ...
Whether this disadvantage really is, it can argue, at least, for the existence of the alleged lack of adapter is indeed confirmed by even a few lines next. NEX-adapter for Canon (okay, so far only FD, not EF) and Nikon will be there until the launch of the VG10 of several manufacturers, including Novoflex, as well as to give about ten other lens systems.
The bottom line is different, the available lens selection of the not very a DSLR - and if, it was more for the better: Thanks to the low level of support Sonylassen even be adapted optics of the legendary Leica M-series, do not work the s.einer DSLR.


Antwort von cebros:

A really weak opposition understand, not as a news message was worth ...

I note that this new Cam polarized than any before. On the one Page enthusiasm, on the other Page rejection (with some unjustified criticism).

You should see the camera simply as what it is: the first in a new class - so synonymous comparisons difficult.

And the device is intended primarily for serious hobbyists and amateurs, and will know to appreciate the silent focus and image stabilization. I also think the set-Lens seems by no means as bad as it is written in some cases, especially at this price.

Aja believe, has not yet been posted:


Antwort von headroom:

.. yes but the Alaising is always a problem, as with the Nex 5

Here's the problem my test out of the window

Here is a solution?


Antwort von markusG:

"Bernd E." wrote: NEX-adapter for Canon (okay, so far only FD, not EF) and Nikon will be there until the launch of the VG10 of several manufacturers, including Novoflex, as well as to give about ten other lens systems.
Why exactly EF? Will not even run extra Nikon Lenses s.EF cameras?

But there are already appropriate adapter - synonymous for EF (ok, without aperture ring) - but not of Sony Elber. There are also separate for the Alpha system, it's cheaper of other manufacturers. The "early start" of NEX3 / 5 is due ...

What is now possible even at the Nexen is well worth seeing, just stupid for lack Shuttereinstellungmöglichkeit (most of the videos on the net with very fast shutter shot: (). Moire and RS are still stupid. Hope Sonybastelt something else to launch;)


Antwort von 0711video:

English texts I read so very happy ...

the ham net times two different words for man and man


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