Infoseite // SonyNEX VG-10 and Canon?

Frage von mammut:


It itches a yes to shop in the fingers, the SonyNEX VG-10 if not for the usual Sony camcorder-castration in the consumer area, à la Sonywäre.

The price and the surprisingly quick delivery in September, Canon probably put under pressure.

We know, yes, that something is announced from Canon and kitchen with the experience of tinkering with the 5D MkII, 7D and 550D which should come as horny.

Therefore my question: Are there announced in the near future fairs, where you can find out more?




Antwort von pilskopf:

Sure, the Photokina in September I think.


Antwort von prime:

Then, the IBC, in Septemper synonymous.


Antwort von mammut:

Well, many thanks, that's not much time. Canon will probably take quite a few earlier dates in the round ... am looking forward!


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