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Frage von Gast:

Anyone who has experience with the Panasonicmikrofon


Of useinsetzbar for Panasonic NV-GS75?




Antwort von Jan:

Hello Bernd,

I have the VMS 2 several times a GS s.Kunden 75 or 250 sold.
Not every customer wants to buy an expensive rightly synonymous of Sennheiser or Beyerdynamic if half the cost of the Micro camcorder. A customer, I still see too s.and, and he is quite happy with it.

Test reports, I had not yet found.

Unfortunately, the "originals" of extra microphones are the well-known manufacturers do not always necessarily an improvement. The SonyECM HGZ 1 (zoom and directional microphone ca) 80 ¬ (what I had ordered before the test!) Has completely failed in the last issue of VideoAktivDigital. The more expensive Beyerdynamik (I think the 86) had been saying and writing the double points and was praised to the skies! A little better than the HGZ 1 came HST 1and HQP 1weg of Sonyweg. The Canon DM 50 (Original Accessories XM 2 or XL 2) was not exactly synonymous sparkling.

Da gibts but rather large jumps in price and performance fabric ..



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