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Frage von Paul*Berlin:

as some of you may already know, I'm doing a little webshow to stream live to the web.
At first, I am assumed that we almost have to work without a budget, but we can offer a certain amount available, the biggest part should be, however, spent a decent vision mixer (Numark AVM 02) and now to stop even for a small sum of preview monitors ago.

We would probably get along without synonymous, at least yet, because it will probably only used a camera with swivel type, all others will be firmly established first. But it would still be stupid if a Camera "go online", we then determine that someone is standing in front of the camera (ok, bad example, could be synonymous with a view to solve for the camera) or that a person can only be seen up to his neck is because they have changed their position or something.
Or if the camera man (usually me) are configuring something, which is evident but not by looks, and then this picture comes online.

In order to allow us at least a bit of comfort:) we would like to have a preview monitor, it is not synonymous to ensure that this good quality or size, but only that you can check the image. The important thing is that they have a composite video input to and they can operate s.230V. More than 7 "is absolutely not necessary!

The Numark VM 03 MK II with 569, - much too expensive, I have some amazon 7 "monitors for the car found on this can be in the car but only connect it? display -incl-Games/dp/B002MP5BTG/ref = pd_cp_ce_2
And someone else would have cheap alternatives for me?
How do you get 4 video signals displayed on a screen? Is this possibly cheaper than 4 monitors? I do not think ...


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Next: Live camera preview is not without a mixture, not even let me apply the fixed setting of long shot. Who tells me that the cam has not exactly given up the ghost .... (Or as in your example, someone has davorgestellt)

Many roads lead to Rome:

1) There are (as you have already noticed) in the Car-Hifi-area mini-panel displays (5-7), which have a mounting frame. Cost per unit in the order of 90 ¬. (Eg The Top Linked Auna could range synonymous, but can be run well only on the base that appears on the page for 69 - Monitor offered a one Köpfstütze - and thus synonymous to fit into a rack or a wall, leave. I find beautiful .

Disadvantage: They all run with 12 V, so that one or more of an additional power supply (s) needs. (Did I already made). But we should all, you need to buy at once. These devices are usually not too long on the market (maybe 1 year) and it is very ugly when you have nothing different to send in his monitor wall ...

2) keep the security area after quad splitters ausschau. They can usually 4 image sources simultaneously on one monitor / television show. Advantage: You can use one already existing Television / Monitor. Disadvantage: 99% of the cheap splitter hide additional date and time, and the names of the sources (.. Kam1.) one. Since it is not the original image, it is only annoying for Directing. Usually cost between 100, - and ¬ 200, - ¬. However, it should be synonymous which where you can switch off these Articles. Is it just more expensive ;-)

In the professional field it is now done so (of course with more expensive chips). You will now find a studio where you create one (or several) giant (n) flat panel (s have) that hosts several preview and final images (even with Aussteuerungasanzeige for the sound). For example, in the studio by then-FAB.

Provided that you have both versions a monitor for the output image that you would in variant 1 for three sources and a preview of 4 x 90 = 360, - to spend in Version 2 You müßstest the Television (flat screen 20 "200, - ¬ - 300, - ¬), cluster 150, - ¬ with about 450 expected, - ¬.

If the mixer has no loop through, you would have to invest if necessary per well in a small Vedrstärker. You have to try, possibly synonymous is a simple T-piece in the video cable to distribute each camera signal to mixer and monitor.

PS: has anyone here experience in the use of the Numark AVM 02 as a live mixer for multi-camera and studio productions? It seems to me to be thought the part with his DJ-style layout and the corresponding audio portion rather for the fading of video shows in nightclubs than for Mehrkameraproduktionen.

The photos make me of the operation be more fearful and I would on a traditional Audi mixer for denton and himself in the price range a "classical" image mixer (Datavideo SE500 - OK, synonymous Sound, Edirol V4 - ditto - or the second-hand Panasonic want MX50 JVC KM 600 or fall back).


Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

Thanks for your answers!
A field report on the use of this mixer would be quite interesting! But I can a say in the choice of the mixer is only the last word but not have. Finally, I will neither use nor pay him, but stand to 90% s.der Camera.
In what score he speaks for us: He has 4 video inputs, that is actually the lower limit s.Kanälen for us. Decent mixer with 8 channels then gives only just ¬ s.1700 (V8). But if we do need more inputs, one can hang the less used cameras s.einen video switcher, and from an appropriate menu. Is not elegant, I know, but if there are settings that are really needed very infrequently, then that is acceptable. But that's synonymous first not so important.
He also has a monitor output for each source, that would be, for example, when V4 is not the case!

The Car-panel displays: I think we should this option back on, as it synonymous cheaper yes, which of my linked in we had with 200 ¬ here (yes, screen for output image is available, although it is only the Picture, the laptop in the Stream software is displayed on the, but that is enough) + 4 power supplies, ~ 15 ¬, can be taken as a standard with 12V. What is the output current is there because of troubles?
It is also better for the Directing, since they do not aht their own space, but can throw synonymous with their own eyes a view of the action, which indeed may well be of advantage, and then they do not have a monitor wall in front of him, but a series small monitors in front of him, and then the not synonymous with date and source. Moreover, in the other version would still produce a flat, which I think None of us would like to reduce its own and always bring along:)

So, I think you gave me weitergeholfen wonderful! Thank you!


Antwort von Johannes:

How about with a simple tube monitors? The 15 inch model but you get used already for 10 - 20 ¬. Although usually synonymous 4:3 and not always the best but for you rich if it did? Or a classic like SonyPvm monitors? Respectively. of Panasonic or JVC. The stack can be synonymous very good;)
The offer everything you need to take, just 230 to come in many sizes and it is the signal you can grind through synonymous.


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