Infoseite // HPX171 as a live studio camera?

Frage von D.A.W.G.:

hello together,

finally, I wanted to use the HPX171 as live-cam, with no record in the camera. to come from the composite output went out into a live-video endemic pure. as a second camera, we still had a sony, no idea what (of the university, probably nothing bad). is then transmitted as a signal of the panasonic synonymous with the display, I switched via "mode chk / disp-made taste of what went on. Unfortunately, the indicator still remained activated for the card slots and synonymous "pause" was still displayed.

somebody has an idea how the display can be completely rid of display infos and only the video image is left? it would be so great! ;) Synonymous've phoned panasonic, but they were not sure ... then I should probably still go to those who know ... now I'm here ... ;)

many thanks before,


Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: 've phoned panasonic synonymous, but they were not sure ...

ahhh jaa,
go into the Camera Menu-> Display setup_> video out OSD> Off,
now your external display should be without any Anzeuige ...
It certainly works in HDMI connection.


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