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Brauche Anregungen/Tipps/Hilfe insgesamt!!! (Aufnahme/Kamera/Pinnacle)

Need suggestions / tips / total assistance! (Studio / Camera / Pinnacle)

Frage von K-Lotta:
Dezember 2009

I have very long movies with fun and joy, but I would like to improve the quality and technical.
previously had a Panasonic, which I unfortunately 3.wüstenbesuch after I put in the truest senses of the word in the sand. I've now gained a used canon XM1, and still inexperienced in dealing with it.
The films are processed with pinnacle (studio 11.1) plus version.
Now my question:
provides tips, tricks to desert recordings / sunsets, sunrises, etc. recordings can be found to show better?
how do I protect s.besten (and practically the camera) to find?
what can my digital camera (really) everything?-what I particularly need / principle in mind?
where / how do I get time-lapse photography? In processing program or by borrowing directly possible?
to pinnacle:
still not clear always come with the disc-menu-creation! How do I do that right??
it has sense to upgrade to pinnacle "to the latest version?
What file type is the best if I renter? (recording 16:9)

Who can help me ....:))....
Thanks in advance! cheerful greetings K-Lotta

Antwort von jansi:


to protect the camera, at least before the rain, there's some Rain slicker, for example, of Portabrace (RS-GL1 for your XM1).
Before the lens are you unscrew a (cheap) filter so that instead of scratching Obejtkives () for example, sand storms. Is it much cheaper than every time a new cam to buy :-).

If you place a laptop before you can jump caputren live, there are freeware programs which you say they can only every 10th to zb Picture record. It arises automatically Time Lapse.
Or do you take all normal on cassette and to hasten the Picture then easy to NLE.

Bar you prefer to upgrade to Avid Liquid, it's better than Pinnacle 12 or so.

Regarding exciting Time-Lapse Recording:

Antwort von K-Lotta:

hi jansi,
danke erstmal for quick response!
wow-lapse photography!-on!
das ist echt klasse!
but I ask anyway.
what is NLE? And how can I now pass on / I do this?
Free programs you can recommend me?
pinnacle avid liquid is compatible with or belonging to pinnacle? So I might just add to the pinnacle? Otherwise I would yes 2 processing program ... or how ....???... if I have googled, but has the avid liquid synonymous a good price! ...
With the zeitraffer I imagine eg that: if I of "A to B" drive, which is a long stretch ... I would like to gather up the ... however, your recordings are synonymous a good excitation! well I like eg sun behind cactus, shade s.baum! .. really cool !!!... would answer back nice!! gruß K-Lotta

Antwort von jansi:

If you have trouble you've done googling Avid Liquid, then you'd synonymous "NLE" soon to enter into the search ;-)
NLE = Your editing program.
Google mal "Virtual Dub". As should go with that. Is fairly self-explanatory.
Avid Liquid is better than Pinnacle and is a separate editing program.
Vllt yes you can upgrade to Avid 7.2, is cheaper than if you buy it new.
If you're satisfied with Pinnacle (which is all about?;)) But you can easily make synonymous with it. Under Tools-> Video Effects> speed should be so. I think. Synonymous of hanging from your version.
If you are of A to B "are going" you need the camera for the trip but somehow stabilize, or else sees it afterwards from kacke. It is important to set it all synonymous manual (WB, iris, focus, etc.) because when the time lapse should go for a long time, the camera, for example when it is dark, begins to pump with a focus on "or Gain additional zuschaltet.

Antwort von K-Lotta:

okay ....
think you're right .. could have googled synonymous quickly NLE ...:))..
you answer your real fast and with class.
thank you very much!
take your tips to be happy!
I may soon be still some questions, and hope
you then give back answer ......
I am now well-read yet .... and then back again to ask ...:))...
thank jansi !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antwort von domain:

One thing we as amateur filmmakers of time should know the outset:
our eye is characterized by long-standing habit s.höchste Hollywood levels already calibrated times that you have as an amateur, almost no chance. Instead, we see often have some Aftereffektspielerein of amateurs who have a quite cold indeed.
If you want to achieve a particular effect, then it is always connected with a lot of time and / or money, unless unadulterated du film portraits of people who have no fear of the camera.
You only need to watch the film once the film room, Cologne, since there is a lack of the idea started on the outfit and the props on the lights until the actor's performance is as simply s.allem what would any of significance. These videos are possibly synonymous but again its own charm in their boundless naivety.
So again, there are no cheap effects, if they are to represent what move or they will be, whether real or digital still very expensive.

Antwort von K-Lotta:

hi domain!
thank you for answering these good open!
in der tat,
it is so.
My films are based rather act on events-and unadulterated.
but they somehow always striving for what is "better", effective ... was synonymous, clearly has its incentives to develop the next and / or. can.
And unfortunately, it usually goes s.den geldbeutel.
The time is relative, it makes it so happy-and then synonymous acts that!
I do tend to time-travel movies ... at first (only) private. synonymous create views kurzfilme or wedding films, but is augenmerk travel! (Africa, Europe)
would give a touch to the whole, however, still a professional.
and the forum seems to me to be a useful guide!
gruß K-Lotta

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


I commend you as Beginners in any case, Adobe CS4 or CS3. So you can start the course, cut in Premiere (NLE) over After Effects (color correction, animation of matter, etc.) to Encore (professional DVD authoring almost) do everything!

The Programs explained largely of himself, otherwise there are helpful tutorials of example Video2Brain!

Furthermore, I can only recommend you to consider attentively ebsonders images in movies and TV. Like the desert can it look better? Example: Rotate a little more contrast in, increase the colors in the red / yellow area and wonder whether you like it. (Previously it had set a filter in front of the camera!). Maybe you synonymous brings a change in color of red to blue something, so the sky is beautiful blue. Maybe you bring the attitude synonymous s.der saturation slightly. Try just a bit off.

As you with your Camera associate, and what they can do anything, is synonymous one thing that you should try what But you can read a lot of synonymous () in general books on cameras / photos!
Turn Simply drop across the aperture wide open. (What happened? "The picture is brighter, the Schärftentiefe less!)
Then, with your camera (manual! Zoom in) to the maximum.
What happened? The foreground is blurred, background synonymous, so the depth is decreasing!
A few things you should know: Where you can disqualify the sound of an external microphone? Has the camera for an external microphone, which you can connect via XLR power supply (called "Phantom Power" with 48V)? Do you know yourself with filters of (ND filter, IR filter, pole-filter)? Can you adjust the manual focus and where?

As I said, much refers not only to a camera, but more generally on the camera technology. In one camera, it's just easier to take the edge off, the other is manual as well as non-existent. Books about You will find many in the trade, synonymous on amazon.de!

And the last thing you should know: Ask yourself during the filming always: Can I start later, so on average what? Verwackelte photographs, 360 ° pan shots, images of images "in the sky, completely overexposed or too dark images are of course not useless. Therefore, without a moment later to take something.

I hope I could help you something.

Best regards,


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Desert or beach

IR filter ND graduated filter or color .... Cokin Filter System A - look at EBAY times.

EWA Marine bags synonymous protect from sand, snow, water and dirt.

B. DeKid

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