Infoseite // Super-8 sound film recorded with 24 frames / sec as digitize?

Frage von lutli:

I have many of my Super-8 films with glass screen and digitized with Pinnacle Studio software worked, synonymous sound films, the result is very satisfactory.
My farmer-projector is running with 16 2 / 3 B / sec, the DV-Camera with 50 B / sec, the result no flickering or pumps.

I now have a Super-8 sound film, with the then-24 B sec was recorded.
How do I capture the now, so does the sound and avoid any brightness flicker.

When I use the projector at 24 frames / sec switch and the camera makes 50 B / sec there is a flicker / flicker, as I have tried with all other available speed s.Projektor and Camera, it always flicker.

Can someone help me there?

Thanks and regards, lutli


Antwort von Axel:

Some camcorders have a feature called ClearScan. Nothing more than a (more or less) continuously variable shutter speed. As you noticed, you were in the ratio 16 B / s 50i (p only if you have 707 as the Pana) no annoying flicker. With 24 B / s is the projection 1.5 times become shorter (and 0.66 times as long). Were you previously a shutter of 1/50tel, you should now take a shutter of 1/75tel to come on's same ratio. As always synonymous: The shutter speed is the size you need to adjust to experiment s.besten.


Antwort von lutli:

Thank you Axel for your post.
My Camera is the SonyVX-1000, it has no continuous adjustment possibility.
I have it with 75 b / sec tried flickers, but synonymous.
Other possibilities?
Thanks and regards, lutli


Antwort von Axel:

Yes, that was my first vx1k DV Camera. I really do not know where and how the shutter was adjusted, but that it was manual, I know because I played around with s.and with the Shuttereffekten have. But I think there were not too sensitive steps have since you may be right.

"Lutli" wrote: Other possibilities?

Yes. Presumably there is indeed a sound film. Take the movie once in 24 B / s, so there you have the sound right. You can with most NLEs synonymous audio capture alone, but this only in passing.

All Super 8 sound film projectors were synonymous with show 18 fps. You could try and see if it is cheaper to 24 fps with 18 frames / s to play while you're recording (the audio you can certainly kloppen in the ton):

3 min @ 24 fps would be 4320 images. Divided by 18 is fourth You'd have to say a time lapse of the time by exactly 25% decrease with, or increase the speed. To create the sound is a matter of seconds.

Want to 16B / s (because this is tested nunmal), you would have to accelerate, etc. 33.333%. Since the timing menu usually allows only integers, you would try to calculate the new duration (up 33.3 per cent period, s.besten same in frames @ 25fps, because they're only half-50i 50 pictures. So after the Pal-Time Code charge, not 24B / s! !!)). Then one can only hope that the NLE can start with "permanent" something.


Antwort von cantsin:

"Lutli" wrote: How do I capture the now, so does the sound and avoid any brightness flicker.

Why not continue to capture 2/3fps at 16 and accelerating the resulting video image + sound later to 144%?


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