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Super8 Filmtransfer mit 16,66 B/sek. / Bei Schwenk und Zoom stockendes Bild

Super8 film transfer with 16.66 B / sec. / In the swing by and stock Zoom Picture

Frage von haehnchen:
Februar 2008

I have the following problem:
To my Super8 film stock I secure my Bauer T502 Projector rebuilt.
With the following equipment:
LED Lumined cold, Sync control for 16.66 B / sec, Macro Lens, expanded window film (11% more film area), new belt, the fan has been expanded (dust). On the website of BP Hennek I am aware about this issue.
The first results can be seen - in sachen am sharpness and color very satisfied.
Woe but it is a pan or zoom.
I would times the problem with the 24p issue compare what course to 16.66 W / sec. represent even more extreme.
I thought it would disappear if I change the speed with PS11Ultimate increase by 8%. Unfortunately, this is halted.

With an HDV Camera SonyHC5 movies from me.
Aperture F3, 4
Gain 0
Shutter speed 1 / 50
Manual Focus, I firmly
Zoom into the film projector window about 9 times
White balance is set manually (Still image from the film)

Here's my transfer - example:


The last right-left-turn is the problem s.besten to see.

PS: The same problem occurs when I synonymous to the HC5 against a SonyHC17 Camera DV Camera swap.

What am I doing wrong? What can I do?
Greeting chicken

Antwort von haehnchen:

The link was wrong, the right thing here: http://www.file-upload.net/member/download-5154/Mein-Film-2.mpg.html

With my editing software Pinnacle Studio 11, I found every 3rd Picture is blurred. My guess for the unschärfe is interlaced recording with the camcorder. Power but no sense in any one frame (super8), interlaced (camcorder) record.
Times wants to know how it Abtastfirmen example, with the MWA Flashscan manage.
Hab mal mein Sampled material (Company from Berlin and Radeburg) on the timeline of Pinnacle S11 laid - can not see blurs.

Antwort von haehnchen:

..... I've found every 3rd Picture is blurred.

For still images and in pans.

Antwort von Markus:

Not really surprising next. The projector delivers exactly 1 / 3 of the frame rate, the HDV camcorder recording. This leaves each movie on video exactly 3 frames are long.

But any sharp picture film is played, you must change the frame of your camcorder every 3 frames exactly to change the image of the projector fall. Otherwise there will be a superposition of two film images within the same exposure period.

Since the two devices but the description is not synchronized with each other (ext. sync goes in HC5 not - or does it?), It comes every 3 frames of a superposition of two film images. This is then the observed blur.

Antwort von tobesdop:

Is holding the film look so many people so very long ...
At 8%, the frequency can still increase in NLE ...

Antwort von haehnchen:

"chicken" wrote:

Sync control for 16.66 fps

Sync block of Telecine / Fälker is built and with the help of a Ozilloskops been discontinued.
Of course, the HC5 a sync signal (via composite cables) to send.
Only obstacle, the signal is turned off if the HDMI port is occupied.

... ist halt film look

1. Picture sharpness 2nd Picture sharpness 3rd Picture blurred
... Film look is something else.
Please test my video and download the single on your / your NLE consider.

The 8% rate of increase was above me mentioned. If the recorded frame is blurred, I can not with a speed boost to make sharp.


Antwort von haehnchen:

Both devices are synchronized with each other - 3 So I would get sharp images.
The light aperture s.der wings I've already synonymous positions offset s.allen possible - unfortunately with no improvement.

To check, I again reviewed the synchronisität:
S.Camcorders shutter speed to 1 / 100
Projector without film run
No flickering or tänzeln to see

Antwort von Markus:

"chicken" wrote:
The light aperture s.der wings I've already synonymous positions offset s.allen possible - unfortunately with no improvement.

The third (fuzzy) video frame look closer at times: Changed something (ie the percentage of the previous and subsequent movie image), if you adjust the aperture blades?

Is it perhaps possible that the film is not enough to be transported synchronously, so that it s.dieser place to come and flutter?

Antwort von haehnchen:

I have my film in various editing programs (Adobe Premiere 4, Pinnacle Study 11, Ulead Studio 11) views, with every 3rd Film image recorded by your camcorder is a unschärfe available.
When I look at the chart table below (web link below), but each should be recorded by the camcorder, "Field" to be sharp and blur the first s.TV when viewing or editing program emerge as PS11.

So I would say is a 50p scanning s.sinnvollsten.


Antwort von Hanzl:

I have before me a long time with very intensive transfer employs Super 8, but still not know whether I have everything correctly remember. I salute before each of the "Bruno" effort, even with synchronization doing! I've only tried the projector, so good it does stop, at 16 2 / 3 to regulate. No sync, the result of stronger movements in the Picture or pans, every 3rd Picture blurred in the sense of a kind of double exposure (from 2 sources, as already described). BTW, the graphics in Hennek Bruno seems to me wrong, he sees only every 6th Picture faulty. Even the statement that you hardly notice, I can not understand, it bothers me very much. Even the graphics of the Swiss film was originally the club of Hennek and was recently korregiert. Since I do not synchronized and with 1 / 50 shot, it is clear that already fields are incorrect. Because, I think, at first in the preview only one field is displayed, you can monitor s.PC very good s.Einzelbild observed (in contrast to normal Halbbildflimmern in single view s.FS). However, I am only now by the above post really clear that, in perfect synchronization of each half so sharp as the film image should be. The problem can really only in the synchronization (in the broadest sense) are, but as with the 1 / 100 Recording a relatively large safety margin to the image change is given, it is all pretty Rätzel defective. If two fields of a frame from various movie sources, is probably a little "non-round" motion arise (as motion blur, I would rather not describe, it does so because in the 2 preceding and following each of the half frames are the same).
Your clip I viewed with the MP (the pans do not seem to me so quickly), the jerky but far more than for my transfers from S8. But in principle, I have many (not all) similar pans "stroposkopartige Effects", which I have at a disadvantageous position in the "Non-sync" shelved. Depremierend that this is apparently synonymous with perfect synchronization occurs. A 50p recording (I have unfortunately no such camcorder) would certainly be extremely interesting. The "Bruno" tip, in Stroposkopeffekt the Halbbilddominanz to change, has brought nothing with me, as he should synonymous? I have experimented much synonymous with erroneous frames delete, new clip export and then import Steady Move apply. Although somewhat improved but still rather unsatisfactory, since the only (ravine) Clip erase. Steady Move immediately to bring the clip in my experience has nothing (puzzling through the erroneous frames).
Now, my contribution is very long and written into the blue ... Could become interesting but other opinions on this very challenging issue to be heard.
Viele Grüsse

Antwort von Markus:

"chicken" wrote:
I have my film in various editing programs viewed ... [...]

So just s.PC monitor? How does the film transferred from, if you put the pictures directly on the (HD-CRT) Television anschaust?

Antwort von haehnchen:


Antwort von Markus:

"chicken" wrote:
I have a Y-soft between your camcorder and projector, so I tap a signal for my TV control tubes.

Do you Y with a simple crossover cable distribution with two connections on the other, where the signal strength on two receivers split to? - Next, I would have to transfer without signal distribution tested.

Antwort von fantomaz:

It is a simple Y splitter cables.
Without Y distribution - I have the same problem.

Antwort von Markus:

Schade. I had hoped that there to wave effects, similar to a through-output, s.dem a video cable is connected, the times with the open ends. (Then the picture is too bright).

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