Infoseite // Test 3D video of the movie "Where the roads lead us!"

Frage von AgenZas-bros1:

Hello, here you can a test video for the film "Where the roads lead us" look. My brother currently works out Zacharias.
More info and the video can be found here, a lot of fun:

PS: animation, etc. are still not perfect - as I said, just a test video!


Antwort von M-Kult:

Either is the s.mir (now have extra time taken to IE because I thought it might s.Browser lie), or there is no video.

With my default browser Opera gehts not synonymous.



Antwort von AgenZas-bros1:

hmm - my way (with Firefox) ...
Here in our gallery, there is the video synonymous:

or here on Youtube:


Antwort von DWUA:

@ Vincent & Zacharias

In your gallery is the picture quality better than the course in Youtube.

Vorüberfliegende shadow with the appropriate background sound
show that it understands it, alone atmospheric build an expectation attitude.
(Probably synonymous Is one of the early scenes).

The fact that you s.Ideen not lacking,
is not new.
The fact that she still persevering can work deserves recognition
and your ability to self-criticism (script of 32 to 6! pages
cut), not everyone creates synonymous.



Antwort von PowerMac:

You're damn good! My highest consideration. This whole look good compositing. Also, the animations are good. Since I consider smooth, sometimes with you to work together. How old are you?


Antwort von AgenZas-bros1:

Thank you s.alle!

We strive constantly to become better and better! Actually the script was not reduced, but modified the story - many parts of the original project are now no longer available! The original long script exists yet, and will later perhaps times filmed! Let's see. The trial scene is not in style in the film before, only the character. We try (especially my brother) the animations and other errors, obtained in the test animation can recognize in the finished film even better.

We are 18 (my brother) and 21 (I)


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