Infoseite // How do I export a movie from Magix Video Deluxe?

Frage von Musti610:


My problem is I cut the film and editing is finished (Magic Deluxe) and then I want to export as DV AVI, but it does not work. When you compromise, it shows me 12stunden s.das can not be synonymous if the Processed film takes takes 5min The compromise, 5hours!!

As it is I have to click somewhere before I finished before exporting DV!
Could it be because it is a WMV file




Antwort von der_kleine_techniker:


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Musti,

The question is always, for what the new video file is to be good? Do you want to play them on DV tape, then the format DV-AVI should be. The file should be played only s.Computer, select a computer format such as Windows Media.



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