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Frage von markus-s:

Caveat: I know - Tripod thread there were already abundant, but neither the local nor Google Choice or Fosu has indeed help me really. In recent weeks I've noticed that you have to rethink, perhaps with the new, lighter weight and compact cameras, the tripod synonymous question again.

Of course, a SD707 acts on a tripod designed for Schultercams pretty ridiculous - and if the camera weighs 400g, it will not synonymous with rumschleppen s.Stativgewicht 20 times himself. So I once again the apparent all-rounder Velbon DV -7000 considered - but quite honestly I think the perfect combination to be synonymous not ... Basically, the camera would be there a little harder and really small and really easy for the Velbon is not necessarily synonymous.

Now I wonder: Do you know for the new, lightweight cameras under 500g some nice video tripod that has a small pack size and light weight (; precisely match the camera), but still suitable for video? It will not cover all situations perfectly and need not be heavy-duty, but as "always there" are good tool.

I'm thankful for every tip. LG


Antwort von Slay:


I am on a stand was synonymous longer search for my 707 and since a few days, the proud owner of Velbon DV -6000, the little brother of 7000 and must say I'm completely satisfied dami.
The Gweicht was reduced by one third to 2.2 KG and it weighs at least "only" 5 times the packing size is 70 cm Camera.Das.
Maximum Height are just a few inches lower than the brother. It is made of sturdy aluminum and also has a two-way fluid head can be realized with the really nice soft panning!

Conclusion: I give the part not restore ;-)

greez Slay


Antwort von B.DeKid:



Antwort von markus-s:

"B. DeKid" wrote: Gorillapod [...] You can assemble synonymous Stativküpfe it.

Thank you! the idea I am not yet come ... synonymous if some may appear obvious.

"Slay" wrote: DV -6000 [...] packing size is 70 cm

Thank you. I look at the synonymous time I saw it live somewhere - always scares me a bit of the packed size.


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