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Frage von tobi-k44100:


Recently, I held og Camera.
I suppose so-called clips in widescreen format, which lautCanonein DV - Standard
720x576 4:3 anamorphic picture is.
The Pixela Image Mixer using imported files are mpeg2 720x576 4:3.
The say the least Medienclip-Eigenschaften/Attribute in MF5.
I now place the project settings of MF5 to 16:9 and wish that the picture is completed, this does not work.
There will be a letterbox format and the picture is squashed.

Unfortunately I could for my problem so far no answer.
I am a novice in this area and hope to find help here.

Thank you


Antwort von wolfgang:

Perhaps, you can do that with the good old DVDPatcher to 16:9 umpatchen (google, test, you must already own).

And I wonder whether you're aware that you are here seems 1920x1080er Resolutionder of the HF100 on standard definition 720x576 go - and yet so much of the image away.

Ideal would be a workflow in HD, but requires synonymous other tools - such as Ulead Movie 6 + distillery with HD pack. And an HDTV, and a suitable player, eh klar.


Antwort von tommyb:

If you've rotated in 16:9, your material is 16:9. If you have it in Ulead importierst, the Project's course synonymous 16:9.

How much of the picture is "not completed"? Only a small bissel s.den edges left and right? Screenshot please.


Antwort von tobi-k44100:

Why always synonymous, I can not screenshot.
The real picture is not on the Picture to see only black screen.
I have the material in different players in and Ulead (preview window) to load and view. Except for the VCL player and the image blender add all the other programs (Media Player, RealPlayer, Movie Factory) left and right of the Picture a broad black bar, so that only a 4:3 format (picture deal) remains.
As already written, and everything is zusammengequetscht acts vertically langezogen.

I play the material of the Cam s.16: 9 SD TV from, everything is fine.
Also, the cam itself has a 16:9 display, which during the recording in full and in the correct format displays.

Do I have this material really walk again before I see it as 16:9 can handle?

The whole with the 4:3 and 16:9 anamorphic compromise, I have not yet fully understood, although I still believe that it's related to it. That the above programs do not recognize that it is an act 4:3, 16:9 on what needs to be stretched.


Now, everyone, this cam has a similar or this issue, right? There must be a possibility, with which one can tell the program that needs to be stretched 4:3, because some programs recognize it's cars.

Thanks for your help.


Antwort von Sektionschef:

The FS100 is, like all Canon, JVC and Panasonic MPEG2 camcorder (HDD or memory card), the 16:9 widescreen flag is not correct.
A solution as already mentioned, either the DVD or my patcher tool sdcopy (; topic = 280.0; id = 217)
Advantage of sdcopy is that it is equal to all files at once FS100 can correct.
Section Head


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