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Frage von matthias321:

I currently use an old D70 for photos and videos for ne ne Lumix TZ7 future and would like to carry a camera with me nurnoch.

I falter now, strongly, that's enough for me, the DMC-FZ100, after I am quite satisfied with the TZ7 or whether I prefer to take the same GH or a Nikon / Canon.

When I look now but the test recording in on, then 35 seconds with me almost sick at the shaky swing (ie, the swing is not shaky, but the video quality is bad).

Do you think this is s.der Camera or any error in splicing?


Antwort von gast3:

If you are with the Lumix TZ7 videomäßig happy, they keep the bears but to not buy the shirt / coat pocket but ideally, instead of the D70 you could, of course, more modern.
Did the FZ 100 myself for a few days and not particularly enthusiastic, a real SLR replace course by far not synonymous to easy and too small to use the available long focal lengths from the single source, then the Stabilisotor is not very effective .
The viewfinder has a weak resolution, while the display is adjustable but auflösungsmäßig mediocrity.
Nevertheless, the results of Photos and Videos (from Tripod, because long lenses tested, not really schlecht.Lichtstärke is poor, filmed on a cloudy day or in the shadow run under ASA 200 nothing
The video is shown but not synonymous scale, who zooms and swivels so wild through the neighborhood?
I would point to s.Deiner Canon EOS 550 or similar rates affordable and very suitable for Stillimage Film.Aber and as I said, I would still keep TZ7 .... if you're Lumix fan: the GH1 is a great device, but seems to be replaced soon, is synonymous in the set with the standard - 14 / 140 more expensive than the Eos.


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