Infoseite // Video Programs not see any video sources Vista 64 bit problems?

Frage von ackibaun:

ask here again if anyone has a tip:

Have a single notebook of Medion with 4 USB ports, LAN / WiFi S-Video out and VGA connection - no firewire option ..

Have on attached my system recovery DVD of 32 bit upgrade to 64 bits to the 4 GB Ram (; instead of 3 at 32 bit) to enable their use.
Here I have chosen, however, the variant which receives the data or Windows.old version produced.

Except for a few little things all Programs are stable and I had barely hanging or crashing.

Now I would like to join and edit video sources. I use a USB stick-of Logilink USB - Video Grabber. The Drivers are identified and are no problem messages
On another laptop with 32 bit ran the Video Programs Magix, ShowBiz2 or (; with Logilink delivered) and Ulead 10 SE recognize the audio / video composite or S-video cable to your camcorder, TV or VCR ..
In my 64 bit system, no sources detected, despite updated 64 bit drivers.
Instead, get error messages - it is such that the Logilink device in the device manager is detected, it is stated synonymous, but in the choice of video sources, the button is not clickable empty (; Ulead)
Error message to Ulead for example

*** Can not change recording mode. Check if your video capture driver is working properly.
Could not build preview graph ...***

However, I uninstalled all the old 'driver dead bodies' and really the newest of the website and installed in the device manager so everything will be duly notified and without conflict ..

Can someone help me maybe or just a tip, could be what it was? I have attached a few screenshots. Thank you.


Antwort von Farmer_:

Hello ackibaun,

as seen already on your screenshot, you can search for a "BDA" drivers. These are the universal drivers used in each case to fit the chip and support its basic functions. Sometimes synonymous all functions.
Vertbreitet far in video capture cards then as was the BT878 chip. The is many years old, and sometimes there were no original drivers for XP. But with the BDA drivers you could use the basic functions. If I did not really know there was even a BDA Drivers for the old BT878 chip for Windows 7, I once had a ct 'DVD had. Now your USB Logilink no longer have that old chip, Abder when you get out of the chip, you can search for a specific driver.
You can test NaOCH other Programs such as VLC can access to video sources, or Movie Maker of Windows. If the can, the interface is not fit together with your program. If synonymous not work, look for BDA.

Good luck
Greeting Farmer_


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