Infoseite // Wants to dvd m2v rausrendern but with 16:9 format, does not

Frage von casjenennen:


m2v files rausrendern wants, but he does not do that, if I set resolution to 1024x576. Because this format, I have After Effects, I adjusted and it is 16:9.
If I select 720x576 as stipulated in the streamlined menu and 16:9 have I spent 2 thin black stripes left and right.
Can someone help me?



Antwort von beiti:

1024 x 576 is not DVD compliant. You have to have 720 x 576 choose.

How come the stripes, I know not synonymous. Do not think that the cause (or in the finished picture on your profile, because outside the overscan).


Antwort von andidhouse:

With me are synonymous black stripes and legal links, but if not save image Still, they are gone.


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Wants to dvd m2v rausrendern but with 16:9 format, does not

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