Infoseite // With Magix Movie to hard drive?

Frage von nrg4u:

Hello, I'm new here.

I have respect to the above question with "search" had no success and now imagine my question.

I work for a long time with Pinnacle Studio 9.X (previously with 7.X/8.X) and have played with the thoughtless times Magix Video Delux zuzulegen because favorable.
I had the opportunity at a friend Magix Video Delux try.
A short film with several over dazzle, I quickly put together and wanted it to render the hard drive.
But I have not found opportunities with "Magix Video Delux" the data on the hard drive to render, it was the only option available on DVD or CD to store data.
Is that so? Or it can be hard to render, and if so how?

Thank you


Antwort von Wolfi.:

Sure do it:

File / Export movie / Avi, Mpeg, unkompriemiert ....

And if you've selected a format you can in the export menu. Everything correctly and then click on movie export


Antwort von Rovi75:

Thank you for your reply.
I've already thought of it somehow with VDL must go. (If such a program MEGA Edit).


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