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Weltpremiere Intuit Focus für alle DSLR Systeme

World premiere Intuit Focus your DSLR systems

Frage von Gregott:
März 2010

'm Already for a long time to find supplier of nem me all around to offer the 5D, so now I found one that has wirlklich everything. The photo spelled in Munich. When I was in counseling, was synonymous exactly a house show at the world premiere of IntuitFocus was. Without A lot of blabber about ... kuckte euch mal.


In my opinion it is simply brilliant, I can really give me the remote control anywhere down where my hands are straight, I have a shoulder mount, with two handles, I can do s.einen handle the remote control and does not need more Verwacklungsfördernd cog s.das long! I was absolutely thrilled! I'm curious what the experienced users say about this!

Antwort von Axel:

It still cries out for a DIY assembly instructions. The V-belt and toothed wheels, I have clearly identified as Conrad article:

Antwort von Gregott:

Why re-invent the wheel ... Although ... the price, of course, then again sounds interesting ... naja da gehts me now, but rather not recreate the drum, I think this innovation should be rewarded synonymous and synonymous certainly has its justification in the professional use (oh oh really wanted to mention professionally ever again in nem forum ... the word ...) But well find that you synonymous like the idea so much like me ... then came my way, Chrosziel stories (synonymous of price) as the purest of scrap on the other hand!

Antwort von musicmze:

The idea I had been synonymous.
You just need nen belts, a good model with great power Keilriemenrad and a servo tester as a remote control. Will be my next project, if I have time

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Well times let the church in the village LOL

So the Focus Puller System Chrosziel what has been advocating for years, and others have used non grad Yes / use it because they never have thought worthy of a mini Keilriehmen s.ein "Lego screwed" Motor ... or!

The idea and the small set-up but here at the product looks ok and if they sell it for under 300 euros it is worth a purchase almost worth it.

But I mean we will have to wait for sometime anyway when it goes into production and Vorallem I would then jump 2 pc so I am with the one with the zoom and can take care of the other, the Focusierung.

But thanks for the info - looks promising.

B. DeKid

PS: @ Axel ... is the builder of ne Graupner RC Car Steurung and use the steering to the role of Keilriehmen should then set the flip ne ;-) Please complete this DIY with Schalttplan bring out ;-)

Antwort von musicmze:

Remote control is hanging in between, of course, really the idea. Did I even still there - I'll try some ;-)

Then if you still used as a good digital servo drive, the focus should really be sensitively controlled.

Antwort von Axel:

"B. DeKid" wrote:
PS: @ Axel ... is the builder of ne Graupner RC Car Steurung and use the steering to the role of Keilriehmen should then set the flip ne ;-) Please complete this DIY with Schalttplan bring out ;-)

You seem so so 'ne Art McGyver be. The significance of such an apparatus for DSLR filmmaker can not be overstated ( "Church in the village). Maybe I'll do it according to these data actually itself

"Gregott" wrote:
... I think this innovation should be rewarded synonymous ...

"musicmze" wrote:
... The idea I had been synonymous.

"Axel" wrote:
Now I do not mean the usual followfocus, the Wheel is located laterally s.Lens, but a transmission that allows to regulate the sharpness as with the right thumb while you hold a FigRig (you can follow me?).

My last quote is from 19 04. 2007, when there were only camcorder. So, I see the performance of the builder as a viable implementation of an idea, which was already in the air longer. 300 ¬ would be synonymous okay for me, but it would have to go a bit fast, otherwise it will return even erstmal handicrafts ...

Antwort von Gregott:

So, is already in series! 300 ¬ ye can stick but ... 2200 ¬ so far as I know ... micht want to commit myself ... I did not really strike ends DIY thread here now because I have personally spoken with those (in the video camera) and it has all felt very nice. I do not if that is now so easy to implement ... important is synonymous halt the sensitive, therefore it has several speed. What I would now miss the programmability, which I set two points for white ... If someone could still dazwischenschalten, would be the advanced DIY synonymous interesting story for me!

Antwort von musicmze:

2200 ¬ .... naja even a passable price. Then I would invest in this price range for a "gadget" ever so much, all I have the DIY version.

sample is in the eating

Antwort von Axel:

Sounds tricky. I myself have built a FigRig (although in his time, it cost only 230 ¬), a followfocus, a floating tripod about five Dollies (including a P & S Glider imitation, which is now available as "Omni-Tracker" at a reasonable price) and two relatively schrottige 35mm adapter. I land in the end always purchased a product. Remain at this thing, as you yourself write, nor to be desired, which for so much money you would like to see addressed. Let's wait until it gets Cinecity a thing in the fingers, then the price tumble.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Gregott" wrote:
... then came my way, Chrosziel stories (synonymous of price) as the purest of scrap on the other hand!

Referring to the "Church in the village let" - the invention of the small SetUp Keilriehmen gefaellt me synonymous with the good.

Even when rotated in the great heli for years as cannon and cameras are synonymous ;-)


http://shop.graupner.de/webuerp/servlet/ AI? ARTN = 3122

Laying on the trigger and the zoom on the wheel of the Focus.

Find on Page at the servos / gyro to digital servos ... synonymous then you could use it as an MC or MX RC transmitter and einbasteln additional matters, such as controlling a remote head.

Especially can be programmed to control curves s.PC as a "zoom button tinkering" to hit soft hit, or so fast and much more.

B. DeKid

PS: And yes McGyver has been my childhood nickname among my friends - probably was / is probably because I keep the knife with which I ran around s.Gürtel today Victorianox replaced by a multi-tool pocket knife and ;-) That was the case I But here is still in the closet that are now destined scarce 20 years old, -)

Antwort von Gregott:

Take my statement regarding Chrosziel back;) only if one compares the Prices, using performance, innovation, and has to offer in the segment Chrosziel just not as much to ... a shoulder stand, the camera still enough, the cam and then there is the followfocus of hand to the post and bites in the ass ... Expensive it is on top of everything. So I found my solution here, and it would probably buy me synonymous. That's just lovely synonymous with all the combinability Steadycam tripods, etc. .. tried it once with a manual gear tangle nem ... achja and battery pack is of course synonymous null Problemo ...

PS: Here's a tip for MacGiver .... http://www.amazon.de/Wenger-Schweizer-Offiziersmesser-Messer-Schatulle/dp/B000R0JDSI/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=sports&qid=1268663101&sr=8-4

Antwort von B.DeKid:

2200 Euro I have to laugh at times LOL

The thing synonymous makes no more than a DMX control a headlamp and not do that again so finely programmed.

LOL So if one wants to market a product then you should fix the synonymous Prices to correct and not so exaggerated ascend.

So what is pure deduction!

B. DeKid

If 2200 Euro ie Rig - control, toothed belt and the monitor ... as complete package that would be in order.

For 220 euros will get ne complete LEGO NXT unit with 3 engines Blutooth Steurung and everything you need including control software ;-))

Then you can program the RobotC and via a PCI ServoSteurungsKarte on nem Mini ITX issue can sit and use small motors and CNC systems still have money left over. To me of tinkering still ne coffee machine to turn ;-)

Antwort von Gregott:

"B. DeKid" wrote:

If 2200 Euro ie Rig - control, toothed belt and the monitor ... as complete package that would be in order.

No related with the focus now on Rig warens 2600 ¬ ... but I caution not know exactly, did not mince me, he told me 10% more than for Arri and then said it cost 2000 ¬ Arri ... ergo ... naja but I'm just not a hobbyist and will invest the most, unless in the meantime I find a better provider for that matter ...

Antwort von Budoudo:

2200 ¬ ... because I will not get the Hocus Focus of IDX ...

Sowas is me then too expensive :-)))

Antwort von Gregott:

've Now seen again because of the Hocus Focus synonymous ... synonymous and again found something


Seem indeed not the only ... But the only ones I was able to test it now! Get on it already talk about anything with my phone provider and get some advice.

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