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miniDV auf Festplatte kopieren (transferieren, capturen) Standalone Lösung?

miniDV to hard drive to copy (transfer, capture) a standalone solution?

Frage von krif:
Oktober 2005

I have tried Google and various forums, but I found no satisfactory solution for me for the following problem:

Because I want to protect the drive in my camera and wants to save time, I'm looking for an ideal structure in order to fully capture to miniDV tapes.

The ideal would be a configuration that is also more portable (for a type mobile studio).

My naïve assumption was that it would now stand-alone devices, in which one simply the mini DV tape to appeal and this is then automatically copied to a hard drive. Unfortunately I could not find anything like that.

I almost thought the JVC SR-DVM70
Another option might be to buy a miniDV such as the Walkman
SonyGV-D1000 - the price is somewhat steep, and as always, unfortunately, also the part would be only half the solution, because that would be my notebook while transferring the data blocks, while I but happy for the cutting and other tasks texts (Internet would freihalten). Does anybody know any other mini DV recorder or pure players? Display and DV are nice, but I do not necessarily need.

Now, one may get the idea immediately and directly to hard disk (such as recording devices of Fire Store) with, I would not even rumschleppen a device for recording with, and moreover I have DV tapes as backup media s.liebsten my original recordings.

As mentioned - the time factor is in my production setup has one major component, so I want to capture the task "DV" happy parallelize.

I'm thankful for every tip!

Sorry for the crosspost

Antwort von hannes:

> Since I want to protect the drive in my camera and wants to save time, I'm looking for an ideal structure in order to fully capture to miniDV tapes.

The drives by the cameras are recording, Stop Recording ... much more strained than by the capturing.
Whole tape on reinziehen einmel finished. (ScLive scene with separation)
Careful now no one can really do.

I do this on a laptop with external FireWire disk.
As I hang off the camera. Works well and I am working normally synonymous next,
since ScLive running in the background.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


you want to have such a system, one has built-in hard drive? Or do you want a system s.deinen PC Connect (with such order to be able to film your next camera, while you digitalisierst)?
In order to digitize the images only, I would recommend no recorder but just a cheap DV camera, synonymous with whom you can, if it is not used to record short clips ...

A system with hard drive and recorder that records directly to me, is not known. (Even the ZDF to the PC via external VCR, but they are connected s.PC. So you can check the images synonymous again.)

If you can start with the program ScLive really so that you can in the background at the same speed next work, which I still (I doubt the program will not know!), That would be really the best solution. Otherwise, imagine a server down, cheap hardware, but good hard disks on which you record. With 1Gbit LAN you copy your data. Would be the only compromise which I would think. Compatible but would probably rather not exactly: - /

A bissl complicated things like that. But here you get identifying other producers / editors / ... who want to work on the move and save time. How do you do that?

Love Greetings

Antwort von Markus:

Hello "krif"

The Firestore hard drive, including a simultaneous recording on MiniDV is not enough. But you indeed want to carry around an additional device with you ...

How about with a new Camera? For example, with a

Antwort von wolfgang:

Yes, the requirements here are a little contradictory.

Perhaps synonymous get the newer JVC camcorder for you in question, record the same on a plate. However, you will not stop tape, which is secured to the O-material - but the same files, which are transferred and stop cutting. If you want to remove the O-material, one needs that many hold hard disks (or server farms ...).

I am afraid, because you have to decide once in principle, if one wants to tape or disk in the recording. Both have advantages and disadvantages halt, as so many things in life.

Antwort von Newsbusters:


Vorneweg: Thanks for the quick answers!

I had already thought of similar - the tip is a cheap camcorder with so frequently made, for example.

I'm sorry if I have not formulated my requirements clear enough ... My priorities are mobility (small size, low weight) and speed - that this combination is a difficult, is clear to me. : - /

To the camera wearing: correct argument. :-)

Capturing on the second calculator is unfortunately not an option available, because the whole time, I would be mobile, so there is no "base".

The JVC devices: For now, however, were not meant the "Everios", right? For P2: Very nice! I do not know yet. For my project, unfortunately, much too big and heavy. A Camera and use other direct recording to hard drive is synonymous excluded due to other factors.

So I think that I will use only once a miniDV camcorder, Walkman or second - let's see if I can then continue working really casually. It may now seem spun a little, but in this case, I tend to the recorder - there except Sonynoch of others?

Still, even if someone has alternative ideas - let me know! :-)

Thank you!


Antwort von wolfgang:

Well if you want to look seriously into the price range of P2: It would be synonymous, the JVC HD101, which would offer as an option dockable hard disks. But the stop price is considerable. Synonymous and equipment of JVC DV avi from the professional sector can do this

P2's just so MUs in mobile applications synonymous sense only if you have the portable storage device, while, where you can save the files.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

, Welcome to what was written by Wolfgang: Please pass that up! Because most camcorders that burn directly to hard drive or CD / DVD to take to mpeg2, etc. on!
My camcorder is not the same familiar, who did not make it ...
Otherwise of course you can change to P2, the ZDF has to my knowledge probably synonymous soon before when they have money again. WDR has been I think a couple of very few P2 cameras. They are extremely expensive to halt synonymous.

Otherwise joa, second camera, should not be a problem.

And if you stand as a "server" just a second laptop with a large hard drive (possibly synonymous external), all the dub, while you continue working s.deinem PC, then simply s.deinen laptop external hard drive attached to it, or simply the copying data over the LAN, you have a mobile, small screen Überspielmöglichkeit with an additional camera and an extra laptop, otherwise you can continue to use both if they are not in use.

Otherwise would not occur to me now because I think that this is the easiest method.

Love Greetings

Antwort von Newsbusters:

Hi, there, of course, as always, fails s.Budget.

To P2 - no no, no chance. And not only because that would be beyond the financial framework.

Seriously, I will add some "undercover" so only tiny "prosumers" are camcorder inside.

It must not be true HDV, MPEG2, but not actually come into question.

Second notebook: Too expensive, too heavy ...

Maybe I should consider if I'm not with the help of some friends might tinker a standalone solution for capturing. Would be ridiculous ...

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