Infoseite // up to 8 audio tracks in Premiere?

Frage von oyster91:

Hello people, we work with Premiere CS3 and an AJA card.
The card has the option of 8 audio tracks zuverarbeiten.
The capture is synonymous over SDI enbeddet easy.
How do I get the 8 channels, but oppose the calculator out?
If the sequence than 5.1 Create. I can 4 channels separately zuweißen.
I want to but 6 s.besten assign 8 channels separately.
Give it as a possibility?
We work with HM, IT, Atmo, Speaker and Music as an extra stereo so that the customer has everything extra and everything can be mixed again.

In Final Cut, you can easily track the number of master change.
Does the premiere synonymous?

Thanks for the help ....


Antwort von Debonnaire:

I understand your problem well not really ... but where is the problem? In PP you can so many audio tracks as you want to create! The sky's the limit ... or the RAM of your PC.

Or what exactly do you want, the PP can not appear?


Antwort von Jollitop:

I guess times that you have a channel at any soundtrack you want to assign sound card? I've not yet tried, do not think it works. You've even said that only the 5.1-channels can not be more to it.


Antwort von oyster91:

Thanks for your answers.
That with the sound tracks in the timeline is correct.
Since going 0-what wieß me how many ...
My problem is the separate issue to the master tracks.
I use 8 Master Tracks I separated the tracks of the timeline may assign.
If I had a 5.1 master can I have 1-4 on the track assign audio mixer control.
5 and 6 (the .1) its only mix tracks to be.
I would like 8 mono tracks as a master rausgeben.
For Final Cut so I can set this but it has a "nict so good" audio mixer.

Greeting Oyster91


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