Infoseite // which software can: split stereo - video show on TV

Frage von knausimobil:

search software, like Pinnacle (; 12 or 14) and Magix 16, the avi-files reflect on three tracks:
Video, Audio left, Audio right.
All three were seen on the TV to hear his / during processing, possibly via HDMI.
I use Pinnacle for 10 years Avid Liquid 7, but that is no longer supported.
Happy about good tips.


Antwort von Wiro:

Hmmm - I am now not entirely clear what exactly you are looking for.
eg Premiere Pro can split audio to mono, of course, it is not, however, similar Pinnacle ....
Greeting Wiro


Antwort von cutaway:

I use Pinnacle for 10 years Avid Liquid 7, but that is no longer supported.
Happy about good tips.


And why can not a AVI with Avid Liquid Audio playback on 3 tracks? Liquid can not only AVCHD.

Greetings Cutaway


Antwort von thos-berlin:

I am using synonymous since the liquid - and will do it synonymous next, until I need functions that liquid has not.


Antwort von domain:

I would use Liquid synonymous continue, especially when times are then the XDCAM EX format synonymous for amateurs available. One must not necessarily always have the latest. If yes give synonymous people that use nostalgic occasionally and Commodore Amiga.
For ¬ 450, - I could upgrade to June, while on the Avid MC, but I actually rather sharp even simpler NL-editors as liquid, synonymous if this is all nonsense omitting the final analysis to use just as simple as PS.
But if AVCHD should enforce nationwide and at the same time my two existing mpeg2 cameras are faulty, then it will naturally be some coarser purchases, beginning of the camera up to the latest NLE including Oktocore: D


Antwort von knausimobil:

Thank you for your contributions. LQ course, all that. PS 12 had recently s.einen newcomer away and I wished back to PS 10th Simple 1-fix-3 is the editing. LQ is still much more time consuming to use, synonymous waived if at all the features that I use anyway.
I have just bought LQ, because I knew no other SW / is, split the stereo and everything reflects on the TV in full screen and with sound.

So I'm looking for a SW, which is similar to simple (to use and its pitfalls), such as PS 12 od.14 od Magix 16 or ... ..
Unfortunately, most probably split stereo not only synonymous with copying and Magix left and right to hide (the Help function says otherwise, but this feature is not available).
Above all, most probably do not picture (and sound) to spend during the processing to a TV in full screen.
The assessment of the processing on the 3m away HD-TV is completely different than on the thumbnail of the PC monitor.
Got that? If necessary, I must act like thos and domain, but reluctantly.
LG knausimobil


Antwort von Blackeagle123:


Premiere Pro highly recommended (CS3, CS2 synonymous to get good used prices. But be careful here because the course is what CS2 Production Premium with Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Encore, etc.). Premiere Pro alone, of course, synonymous tuts first. Test versions are online.

Otherwise, there comparable only for Mac.

If you is not sufficient for the liquid, you need to do, then it must be already professionally - why could not the Avid Media Composer of? ;-)



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