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Frage von Gastank:

Hi everyone,

I guess you get to hear this question frequently and the answers are generally in the direction "comes out s.was you want" to go:)

The background is that I want to cut after several years of abstinence reinforced videos. First and foremost, it's here right now to make movies that I record using Windows Media Center in the future I want to use the whole, however, synonymous for home videos as well as the safety of old, private VHS tapes.

I have already had to do five years ago with digital DV editing, then I am cheap (no, not a pirated copy!) S.Magic Video and Ulead Media Studio Pro came 7th With the latter I did this against relatively well, with the former not so. Now I would like to have a new editing program, which is up-to-date.

I've already tried Free Programs, including Avidemux, VirtualDub and Movie Maker. None of the Program was able to convince me, because my average is way too vague (for media studio, you could even to zoom in on individual frames and then deliberately cut) and the handling generally too cumbersome. That to me is important above all, since I often record movies from these and then remove as the commercial breaks would have it, that s.Ende not or hardly noticed. Moreover, it would be nice if I cut despite these banal primary requirement, synonymous with home videos, etc. and could provide clever effects.

That you understand me correctly, I do not want 1-click-Klicki Bunti program, I am quite able to handle more complex synonymous Programs;) For products of Pinnacle, I want to give synonymous as possible who have treated me like dirt once , again not happening to me:)

My budget is unfortunately somewhat limited right now because I am in school, my highest pain threshold would currently about 100 ¬, of course, preferably less.


PS: What I can think straight, the (recorded), movies that I cut is already available in MPEG-II, ie here it would be good if the appropriate software would allow play to the synonymous option, the video just without the cut part 1:1 not to encode and play out again, otherwise the quality suffers noticeably below even (at least that was the "time" above).


Antwort von Fenek:

Edius 3
Fast, cheap and "upgradeable"
Advertises quite happy with:
Edit anything: D


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