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Frage von raffnixpert:

Hello and good day, experts estimated,

I am a complete novice would be in the field of video editing and happy go quickly through this community here, my goal.

I've been a bit like a blind man try around with
" MPEG Streamclip
" TMPGenc 2.5 (MPEG-2 trial now expired).
" XMedia Recode
" VideoReDo

to achieve the following objectives: [list = 1:1 b9c4dbc6d]
[*: 1b9c4dbc6d], the output files of my 3 video sources
[List = a: 1b9c4dbc6d] [*: 1b9c4dbc6d] Technisat HD S2 (ts)
[*: 1b9c4dbc6d] Topfield PVR 5000 (rec)
[*: 1b9c4dbc6d] Panasonic Digital Camera FS6 (mov)
[/ list: 1b9c4dbc6d: o] Technisat Topfield as synonymous in the view to be able to both;

[*: 1b9c4dbc6d] to cut out unwanted file types from all 3 [/ list: u: 1b9c4dbc6d]
My question is, which are suitable for Win7 x64 possible s.besten Programs (freeware or shareware to about 60 EUR) for each task, if I want with demuxing / muxing have to do anything possible. In this case, the output is not perfect, but it should not contain gross errors.

I come out with any of the above Programs, I need 2 of them or is there another program that meets all my needs?


Antwort von Alf_300:

If you're not the index or control data synonymous (with) all the reapproval helps nothing


Antwort von wolfgang:

Not even the very well maintained and documented Haenlein software ensures for all devices that the recorded material synonymous satellite can play again from the satellite receiver - the Technisat would, therefore, the Topfield with restrictions. Because on their website you can check whether a satellite receiver SPECIFIC synonymous again can play the cut material.

Depends with the control signals together. The material is cut to two satellite receivers well in any case, but could be a solution for playing perhaps the Investitiion live in a hard-drive player in his, ala Win TV.

What is with the Panasonic I can not say.


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