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Frage von Viktorio:

hey hey,

can someone give me a free Videobearbeitunsprogramm I can download for free on!!

It is the AVCHD format which I edit.
The program should be cut to what is so selbstversändlich,
music video over the place and various effects leg hold.
oh yeah and maybe it should not be too ansträngend. that means that I do not need great guide for it.

I hope you understand what I want.
thank you for your reply and for your help.

ciao viktor


Antwort von RickyMartini:

With the Windows Live Movie Maker "which is quite easy.


Antwort von Viktorio:

ok thanks but would like some more ideas.
to compare and so.

thx @ all


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AVCHD video .-. editing program

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