Infoseite // with Premiere to import movie stills (pictures frame Lang Import)

Frage von Jochen:

Hello allsamt,

I just try Premiere Pro before I give my growth.
Following problem:

I have a few seconds of film-forming exported (File / Export and then under the settings the TIFF format), edited in Photoshop and would like them back as a movie reimporting. The stills are all still numbered in ascending order. When I look at the photos now on "File / Import" reimporting (Numbered hooks for importing course synonymous set) are all stills me unfortunately 5 sec. long and I can not change time. Or no more than individually. That would of course be at 25 frames / sec is not very pleasant.

The hotline of Adobe synonymous net has given me a lot and a user manual I have of course to a down loaded trial version does not.

It must be somehow synonymous or otherwise? Somehow on a dish or?

I thank you already in advance for your love tips.

Regards Jochen


Antwort von Jörg:

I type on a tiny mistake, you have marked all TIFF?
mark only the first of the ongoing, numbered import is clear and your tif sequence as a clip is located in the Project window.
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von DonJon:

Thanks for the great tip. Works. Only a Picture click ... Actually quite easy if white mans!

Then a 2 nd Trifle:

If I make a small film imported (eg. AVI), I left it on the display without any problems then. If I did and it worked right on the display changes the look he wants stuttering mad. If I Gestotter (just below any part in the formula bar), then as. TIFF export, processed and re-recordings, I have exactly this stammerer synonymous inside (of course synonymous before. TIFFbearbeiten).

I think it should always run smooth unless my calculator is on the lam to convert (incidentally). Hab however an Athlon 3000 + with nem Gig Ram and its ATI 9800pro. And in this case would have the Exportion so lost without stutter.

Thank you Joerg for the solution of the first problem, and thank you in advance for further hints on the succession problem.


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